Friday, June 29, 2007

Update on life

So, I haven't done just a general update on life, so here goes.

I'm going to see my beloved, Ben, at his family's house on Tuesday. My flight leaves eeeeearly in the morning. I'll have to leave at 5:15am from the house! Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, we'll be in Washington, DC on a ministry tour. I'm not sure who organized it, but I'll be there. I believe it's when they're voting on the hate crimes bill. Ick! I hope it doesn't pass. After we're in DC, we'll go back to the Murches' house. I'll be there until Sunday, May 15. Ben's going to drop me off at my Grandma's house after church, and I'll leave Monday with Grandma for the beach in South Carolina, where Dad's whole immediate family will be gathered. We'll be there for a week, and I'll return home with my parents on the 23rd.

I started sewing lessons this week. This sweet 70-something lady named Mary, who works at the fabric store, offered to teach me one time a couple months back. So, I took her up on the offer. I brought my sewing machine to her house and she taught me how to use it. So, I'm going to have Mom and Dad bring it with them to the beach, and I plan to make a skirt while I'm there. She showed me how to cut out the material and all that. It's a very basic skirt and shouldn't be too difficult for a beginner like myself.

Last night, my friend, Paola, spent the night. We had a really nice time...I don't see her as much as I did when I was in school, but we always have a good time together. Tomorrow night, my Pastor's daughter is sleeping over. That should be fun, too! :)

In other news. . .I got my driver's license today! By the grace of God, I passed my test after 2 and a half years of having a permit. So, that's exciting. I went grocery shopping by myself this evening while Mom made dinner. I went to the ATM to get cash, and then to both grocery stores. I didn't run into any trouble, and stayed under the budget! Quite an adventure ;)

So, I guess I'll get going.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Follow-up Comments to Pendergraft Hearing post

I have some follow-up comments to my last post.

First of all--it was really strange being in the same room as the person I've been indirectly, and directly, working against for the last two years. His pockets are filled with the money of the Mommies I've pled with not to murder their babies. I've only ever seen him one time, outside that room--that was heading in to OWC to kill babies--what he does best. If he "wins" this battle, he might think he's gotten away with murder yet again. But one day, he will stand before a Holy, Righteous God and be held accountable for each and every innocent child who has died at his hands. The fancy cars and big houses won't matter then. Jesus said, "What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul?" Obviously, the answer is nothing.

My next comment is that I know without a doubt that James Pendergraft is guilty of many, many third trimester abortions. Until this whole thing started last fall, I didn't even know it was illegal to do third trimester abortions outside a hospital because I met so many women going into OWC who were in the third trimester. One I recall very clearly was a young, black couple. Ben was there, and so was my Mom. All of us tried to talk to them at one point or another. The boyfriend said a lot more than the girl did. Ben and I were both talking to him and he told us she had just gotten the sonogram done and she was pregnant with twins. I asked how far along she was, and he said "8 months." He went on to say that they couldn't afford that late of an abortion, so they had offered (they being the clinic staff) to say she was only 23 weeks, to save them some money. I was shocked, and didn't know *what* to do! If only I had known to call the police, or the FDLE, or someone.

But that leads to my next point. Even if I had, they wouldn't have done anything. The state has had proof (they did an investigation) of at least 11 illegal third trimester abortions done by Pendergraft in one year. They chose not to prosecute. I don't know why. But I do think it's disgusting. They will be held accountable before God for failing to prosecute a guilty man, a man with the blood of thousands of babies dripped down his covetous hands. They had a chance, and they failed miserably. In accordance with the laws of the state of Florida, he should have been arrested years ago. It's unfortunate to have a state full of cowards who won't even prosecute people who murder babies. Pendergraft has received upwards of $12,000/abortion to kill babies through 9 months of pregnancy, illegally. Shame on them for allowing it to happen. God hates the hands that shed innocent blood. Failure to do something about it is to be an accomplice in the murder.

It is my prayer that James Pendergraft is brought to justice, in this world. I hope that some how, each and every illegal abortion he has commited will become known. If God is willing, it can happen. In the mean time, his license is still suspended.

Also in the mean time, infants continue to perish at the hands of their Mamas, and the church continues to sit around warming pews, making quilts, and having "get togethers" instead of caring. Our work is not yet done. If we are to pray that God's will be done, and His Kingdom come, we better be willing to make some sacrifices and do something.

He comes quickly...will He find you idle?

Pendergraft Hearings, 6/20-6/21

Yesterday and today were the hearings of Dr. James Pendergraft, Florida's premier child butcher. Some people come to Orlando to see Mickey Mouse, others come to labor and deliver their babies through 9 months of pregnancy at Pendergraft's abortuaries. As most of you who read my blog know, Pendergraft's 5 Florida abortion mills were shut down in August of 2006. It was alleged that he killed a baby in the third trimester, outside the legal allowances for such an abortion to take place. The Florida statutes state that any third trimester abortion must be done for the life or health of the mother. It must be done in a hospital, with two doctors signing off that the mother's life is, indeed, at risk. The particular patient, referred to as RW, was carrying a baby with severe fetal anomalies and the state claims the baby was in the third trimester.

After a lot of delays for reasons unbeknownst to me, the hearings finally took place on June 21 and 22 here in Orlando. The hearing was the Department of Health, Board of Medicine vs. James S. Pendergraft, IV, M.D. The charges were not criminal and the only possible discipline is the permanent revocation of his medical license. We don't know exactly what would happen in that case, as far as what would happen to the death mills, but any disciplinary action against a murderous, lawbreaker is good. So, without further adieu, I will discuss the hearings a bit.

The state began the questioning by questioning Pendergraft. After answering the basic, generic questions about his own qualifications, he took the 5th (right to remain silent) on everything, so their questioning ended. The first question he pled the 5th to was when he was asked whether he was the owner of Orlando Women's Center. After jerking his head towards his attorney for an answer, he refused to respond. Once they ended his questioning, they called a Dr. Gomez to the stand. He was submitted as an expert witness in the field of OB/GYN. He is a practicing OB/GYN and abortionist at the Baptist hospital in Miami (there's another blog entry in the making). Based on the measurements given in the ultra sounds and the doctor's reports he studied, he gave the opinion that the baby was at least 27 weeks of gestation, and he said that was a conservative guess. He also believed that the infant had IUGR (intrauterine growth retardation), which would cause him/her to be lighter.

It was noted that in all the paperwork, it was never mentioned that it was an emergency. She saw a few different physicians other than Pendergraft and none of them indicated at any way that her life was at risk.

One of the reasons it is a risk to do an abortion outside of a hospital that late in pregnancy is because the cytotek can cause uterine rupture later in pregnancy, as the uterine wall is thinner. Also, Pendergraft's people were giving RW 200 mg's every hour. Dr. Gomez said he would give that amount ever 4 hours. Doctors are legally required to meet the standard of care set forth in the statutes. Thus, Dr. Gomez concluded that Dr. Pendergraft did NOT meet the standard of care, as he did an elective third trimester abortion outside of a hospital, thus breaking the statute in every aspect.

During the cross examination of Dr. Gomez, the defense lawyers were making a big deal out of measurement discrepancies. On one day, the baby's cerebellum measured 30.5mm and the next day, the measurement was 37mm. It was pointed out that both measurements fell within the same age range on a chart regarding prenatal development. Not to mention...6.5mm...that is just over half a centimeter! We're not talking about inches, here. So, I thought it was silly that he was just trying to discredit things that didn't need to be discredited. He also spoke to Dr. Gomez in a very demeaning tone, which I found rather obnoxious. The state attorneys were much more likeable.

Another thing the attorney brought up was that OWC is within a few minutes of ORMC. However, I find this to be completely irrelevant, and really a rather dumb thing to bring up, since the statute doesn't say it has to be done in a hospital or within a few miles. It says in a hospital. Period. He also mentioned that there were two physicians there (resident killer Harry Perper was helping Pendergraft out). Again--relevance?

During the rebuttal it was again emphasized that the baby was 28 weeks or later, according to every available record.

The defense then brought in a Dr. Plotkin, former Orlando baby killer who is now retired and an employee of Winter Park Memorial Hospital. He had become chummy with Pendergraft when he came to town because he appreciated having an abortion mill close by that did elective 2nd trimester abortions. It was noted by the state attorneys that it had been four years since Plotkin had treated a patient and 6-7 years since he performed an abortion, certainly making him appear less reliable.

Plotkin went on to say Pendergraft obviously met the standards of care. The reasons he gave were the RW was recommended to Pendergraft by a family physician, there were no complications during the procedure, and he thinks the baby was 2nd trimester based on fetal and placental weight at birth (recorded at Orlando Women's Center).

I would say all his reasons, aside from the baby being second tri. are totally moot. For one, it's breaking the law regardless of whether a primary care physician recommended it, and it's breaking the law regardless of whether there were any complications. I thought that was clear.

As to the fetal/placental birth weight, if the infant had IUGR (which, there is good evidence to indicate that he did), then he (or she) would weigh less than a normal fetus. Additionally, in order to push that clearly into the second trimester, Plotkin had to fudge his facts a little bit. He said that the chart was referring to gestational weeks or the menstrual age (the number of weeks since the first day of the woman's last period), and the age to consider is actually the age from the actual date of conception--the gestational age minus two weeks. Ironically enough, on, the website for Pendergraft's butcher shops, he advertized third trimester abortions as one of their services until sometime in the last few months. Now, the website quotes the following and then says they do not do third trimester abortions, in accordance with state laws.

Third Trimester:
Defined in Chapter 59A-9.019 of the Florida Administrative Code;
"That portion of pregnancy beginning with the 25th week of gestation"
The Florida Administrative Code defines third trimester based on gestational age, and NOT age from conception. So, there that argument goes right out the window. He also said the ultrasounds were inaccurate. But, he gave no reason why. So, I don't believe him. He also said that there was evidence of hyperplasia, but that's not true, because the lungs were taking up a normal amount of space, as was the heart.

He went on to say that the patient had a mental medical emergency. However, he did not have the credentials to determine something like that. Not to mention, that such a thing was not determined before the abortion took place. A mental medical emergency clearly constitutes more than being distraught. If I was pregnant and I found out my baby was going to die, and his intestines were outside his body, I would be upset. I'd cry a lot. So would anyone. It simply does not constitute a medical emergency. Dr. Plotkin went on to say that the baby being nonviable and having no chance of survival was a medical emergency. That's ridiculous though. The medical emergency has to be regarding the life or health of the mother. Not the baby. The baby's viability has nothing at all to do with the issue at hand. Period! He continued to say that if the baby died in-utero, that would possibly necessitate a c-section and there are possible complications. But, again, there are far more possible complications with a third trimester abortion--like uterine rupture!

During the cross examination of Plotkin, he said there was no second doctor sigature, no medical emergency, no advice to be hospitalized, and no mention of medical emergency in the documents.

The following day, the defense brought in a seemingly highly qualified professor from UVA. Basically, his conclusion was that the baby was a second trimester baby, and that the ultrasounds were not sufficient to give an accurate age estimation. He also indicated that there were suspicious tests results on a gestational diabetes test which would make the baby LARGER than usual, rather than smaller. He said there were too many confusions between all the different measurements and numbers and hormones (Beta HCG--the pregnancy hormone--this witness said that the number indicated a 5wk. baby) and nothing was reliable.

There was no cross examination. However, there was a good rebuttal. They brought Dr. Gomez to the stand again, and he explained that the Beta HCG levals go up throughout the pregnancy, until the third trimester when they go back the levels indicated that the pregnancy was late in the term. He also stated that there was no diagnosis of gestational diabetes.

The only witness left to question is Dr. Perper, who was present during the alleged illegal abortion. His depositions are due on August 10, and the Judge will have a recommendation to the Board of Medicine by the end of August. Then, they have 90 days to issue a decision.

caption: picture of Pendergraft and his attorneys after the final portion of the hearing, taken by my Mom on my cell phone.

Great Sale!

I don't know about you, but I think John Piper is great. God has used him in so many ways, and He really is such a breath of fresh air to the modern church; a nice break from the Joel Osteens and Benny Hinns of our day. His faithfulness to God and willingness to preach the Word in season and out of season are incredibly encouraging for me and so many others.

His books, and the books of a few others are on from the 27th (tomorrow) through the 28th at for $5! I highly recommend y'all head on over and check it out.

One book that I read of Piper's that was a great encouragement to me was "When I Don't Desire God." I read it when I was going through a more "wintery" season in my walk with the Lord. It contained many sharp rebukes to me, personally, for not delighting myself in the Lord always (I don't know whether they were intended to be sharp rebukes, or if they simply hit home for me because that was exactly where I was). Piper included many practical ideas and encouragements, as well. It was certainly a good book. I would definitely recommend it and will probably reference it again myself one day. Ultimately, God brought me through that season, and while I'm no where close to perfect, I certainly try to always delight myself in the Lord. After all, as John Piper so often says, "God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him."

Monday, June 25, 2007

Menu Plan Monday

I didn't realize it had been a whole week since I posted! I have a post up and coming about the Pendergraft Hearings, but it still needs a little tweaking. I'm being very careful with it, since it's such a serious matter.

But anyway, we are on Phase 2, as of yesterday, but I don't know that our dinners are changing much. It's mostly breakfast and some lunches that are different.

Sunday~snacks (we had a late, big lunch)
Monday~leftovers (I might have to come up with something, because we don't have any left overs!)
Tuesday~Herb Marinated Chicken w/ steamed vegetables
Wednesday~Asian Chicken Packets w/ vegetables and a salad
Thursday~Chicken Jambalaya
Friday~Chicken in wine sauce, spaghetti squash, salad
Saturday~Steak, Green&yellow wax beans, "potatoes" (mashed cauliflower), salad

So, that's our menu!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Menu Plan Monday

Alright...we decided to extend phase 1 of the South Beach Diet an extra week, so these are still Phase 1 menu plans. So far, we have all lost weight, so it is working like a charm! :)

Sunday~we had a church picnic and were there until about 5, so we just snacked on nuts and stuff when we got home
Monday~Turkey Parmasan (we didn't end up having it Saturday)
Tuesday~Chinese style steamed chicken and broccoli
Wednesday~Turkey&white bean chili
Thursday~Chicken piri-piri with steamed broccoli
Friday~Grilled steak w/ grilled tomato relish and spicy roasted cauliflower (we really liked this meal, so we're having it again!)
Saturday~pot roase w/ mushrooms and steamed asparagus

So, we're all looking forward to Phase 2. We'll be able to add in some whole wheat starches and fruit again! :o) Yaaaay!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Great Book Sale!

The Westminster Theological Seminary Bookstore is having an excellent on-line sale, lasting until June 26, on children's books, up to 50% off! The beauty of it is, since it's a good store, they're pretty much guaranteed to be doctrinally sound! I don't have any little ones (one day, if God is willing, I hope I have a whole bunch of them, though!), so this sale isn't for me, but maybe some of you Christian mamas can benefit from it. The $5 flat shipping rate is a wonderful bonus as well. WTS is one of my favorite sources for book buying!

Titles Include:

and many more good ones. If I was married, had a child (even one in-utero!), I'd take advantage of this sale. :)

Food for Thought...

How would you respond in these situations?

1. A preacher and his wife are very, very poor. They already have 14 kids. Now she finds out she's pregnant with the 15th. They're living in tremendous poverty. Considering their poverty and the excessive world population, would you consider recommending she get an abortion?

2. The father is sick with sniffles, the mother has TB. Of their four children, the first is blind, the second has died, the third is deaf, the fourth has TB. She finds she's pregnant again. Given this extreme situation, would you consider recommending abortion?

3. A white man raped a 13-year-old black girl and she's now pregnant. If you were her parents, would you consider recommending abortion?

4. A teenage girl is pregnant. She's not married. Her fiancé is not the father of the baby, and he's upset. Would you recommend abortion?

In the first case, you would have killed John Wesley, one of the great evangelists in the 19th century. In the second case, you would have killed Beethoven. In the third case, you would have killed Ethel Waters, the great black gospel singer. If you said yes to the fourth case, you would have declared the murder of Jesus Christ!

God is the author of life, and He has givenevery single individual supreme value. Each life—whether inside or outside the womb—should therefore be valued by us. God knows the plans He has for each individual and has written in His book all the days ordained for us before one of them came to be. When we presume to know better than God who should be given life, we are putting ourselves in the place of God and are guilty of idolatry.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

WFMW: Keeping a Schedule

For a while, I had gotten out of the habit of having a schedule, and I shared here that I was not doing too great with time management. Shortly thereafter, I made a new schedule accomodating my need to have about 5 hours set aside each day to work on my correspondance Bible degree. This week, it was implemented and even though we're only half way into the week, things are going splendidly! I finished my first course (Genesis), chores have been kept up with, I've been able to practice flute and piano, work on sewing, exercise,'s been wonderful. :o) At least for me, this is quite a motivator to keep on the move! So, having a fairly micro-manage-y (but not TOO much so) definitely works for me. To see my current schedule, view this blog post.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Ben's Latest Birdhouse

Isn't it lovely? Here is the auction I put up yesterday.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Menu Plan Monday

South Beach Diet: Phase 1, Week far so good :)

Sunday: Savory Chicken Saute, "potatoes", green beans -- we ended up having something else because we had a big lunch

Monday: creamy cauliflower soup

Tuesday: Porkchops with Fennel and Lemon

Wednesday: Grilled steak with grilled tomato relish and roasted spicy cauliflower

Thursday: Turkey sausages with kale and chickpeas

Friday: Chili

Saturday: Turkey Parmasan

For more menu plans, see Laura's blog.

What Does the Bible Say About Benny Hinn?

Interesting. . .

May God rid our nation, and the world, of false prophets such as this. Their judgment will be harsh if they fail to repent of their wickedness.

Friday, June 08, 2007

New Schedule for Me :o)

I had a bit of productivity today and decided to make myself a NEW schedule, that includes all the things I like to accomplish during the day, with 2 hours of "free" time that will, unless something else comes up, be spent working on hand skills and some time on the computer. Without further adeu:

5:00 ~ wake up, make bed, freshen up, devotions
6:20 ~ exercise (20 mins. cardio/20 mins. weight training), shower
7:20 ~ talk to Ben
8:00 ~ make breakfast, clean kitchen
8:30 ~ morning chores
9:15 ~ practice flute
9:45 ~ schoolwork
2:15 ~ Greek
2:35 ~ practice piano
3:05 ~ "free" time
5:00 ~ read
6:00 ~ make dinner, evening chores
7:00 ~ serve dinner
7:45 ~ get ready for bed, talk to Ben
8:45 ~ scripture memory
9:00 ~ lights out!

So, I'm starting on Monday, Lord willing. I'm excited. After all, the virtuous woman "eateth not the bread of idleness." :o) In addition to this, I made a chore schedule for Mom and I. Right now, in the morning we just kind of decide who will do what and it doesn't always get done, so I made a chart to go by for that that splits the chores up about even, and she approved. So, that will be good, too. For a while, I thought I'd try to take over all the household chores by myself, and for a while, I came somewhat close, but with starting school, I just don't have the time. So, yes. :) We will share!

Many blessings!
Mary Jo

Oh, dear!

So, I've been home for close to 2 weeks now, and so far, I've hardly accomplished anything. I know that's ridiculous...and not honoring to God. I've been kind of lazy. It seems like I've been doing things, but yet the house isn't very neat (my room, especially), my Genesis paper *still* isn't done, and I'm having a hard time getting motivated. I think I need to just paste a schedule in every room of the house and stick to it closely until I'm back into the routine of GETTING THINGS DONE.

So, anyway, I haven't blogged much lately because I've been really busy. I know, I know...I just said I haven't been getting much done, but I've still been busy. I've been to the abortion mill 4 times this week, and last week I went a few times (I don't recall the exact number). So that's part of why I haven't been around.

In other news, the diet is working for all of us! I think we'll stick to it :)

So, anyway. Hopefully I will (shortly) be more regular with posting :)

Monday, June 04, 2007

Menu Plan Monday

An update will be coming soon, but for now, here's my menu for the week. My parents and I started the South Beach Diet yesterday, so our menu for this week is in accordance with Phase 1 of that diet. :) Here goes...

Sunday: grilled salmon with rosemary, steamed asparagus, salad
Monday: baked chicken, steamed broccoli
Tuesday: sirloin steak, steamed broccoli, broiled tomatoes, "mashed potatoes" (made of cauliflower
Wednesday: tilapia in scallion and ginger sauce, snow peas, cabbage sauteed in olive oil
Thursday: balsamic chicken, stewed tomatoes, salad
Friday: leftovers, arugula
Saturday: london broil, "potatoes", salad

If anyone wants any of the recipes, I can send them!

Mary Jo

Friday, June 01, 2007

8% Feminist? Me?

You Are 8% Feminist

You are definitely not a feminist. In fact, you are every feminist's worst nightmare.
You believe that women belong in the kitchen.... barefoot and pregnant.

I don't usually do these things, but Crystal at Biblical Womanhood posted her results, so I figured it might be fun to give it a try. I reckon they say I'm 8% because I said women shouldn't have to conform to a wacky standard of beauty or something like that. Anyone else care to give it a try?