Friday, June 08, 2007

New Schedule for Me :o)

I had a bit of productivity today and decided to make myself a NEW schedule, that includes all the things I like to accomplish during the day, with 2 hours of "free" time that will, unless something else comes up, be spent working on hand skills and some time on the computer. Without further adeu:

5:00 ~ wake up, make bed, freshen up, devotions
6:20 ~ exercise (20 mins. cardio/20 mins. weight training), shower
7:20 ~ talk to Ben
8:00 ~ make breakfast, clean kitchen
8:30 ~ morning chores
9:15 ~ practice flute
9:45 ~ schoolwork
2:15 ~ Greek
2:35 ~ practice piano
3:05 ~ "free" time
5:00 ~ read
6:00 ~ make dinner, evening chores
7:00 ~ serve dinner
7:45 ~ get ready for bed, talk to Ben
8:45 ~ scripture memory
9:00 ~ lights out!

So, I'm starting on Monday, Lord willing. I'm excited. After all, the virtuous woman "eateth not the bread of idleness." :o) In addition to this, I made a chore schedule for Mom and I. Right now, in the morning we just kind of decide who will do what and it doesn't always get done, so I made a chart to go by for that that splits the chores up about even, and she approved. So, that will be good, too. For a while, I thought I'd try to take over all the household chores by myself, and for a while, I came somewhat close, but with starting school, I just don't have the time. So, yes. :) We will share!

Many blessings!
Mary Jo

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