Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Follow-up Comments to Pendergraft Hearing post

I have some follow-up comments to my last post.

First of all--it was really strange being in the same room as the person I've been indirectly, and directly, working against for the last two years. His pockets are filled with the money of the Mommies I've pled with not to murder their babies. I've only ever seen him one time, outside that room--that was heading in to OWC to kill babies--what he does best. If he "wins" this battle, he might think he's gotten away with murder yet again. But one day, he will stand before a Holy, Righteous God and be held accountable for each and every innocent child who has died at his hands. The fancy cars and big houses won't matter then. Jesus said, "What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world and loses his own soul?" Obviously, the answer is nothing.

My next comment is that I know without a doubt that James Pendergraft is guilty of many, many third trimester abortions. Until this whole thing started last fall, I didn't even know it was illegal to do third trimester abortions outside a hospital because I met so many women going into OWC who were in the third trimester. One I recall very clearly was a young, black couple. Ben was there, and so was my Mom. All of us tried to talk to them at one point or another. The boyfriend said a lot more than the girl did. Ben and I were both talking to him and he told us she had just gotten the sonogram done and she was pregnant with twins. I asked how far along she was, and he said "8 months." He went on to say that they couldn't afford that late of an abortion, so they had offered (they being the clinic staff) to say she was only 23 weeks, to save them some money. I was shocked, and didn't know *what* to do! If only I had known to call the police, or the FDLE, or someone.

But that leads to my next point. Even if I had, they wouldn't have done anything. The state has had proof (they did an investigation) of at least 11 illegal third trimester abortions done by Pendergraft in one year. They chose not to prosecute. I don't know why. But I do think it's disgusting. They will be held accountable before God for failing to prosecute a guilty man, a man with the blood of thousands of babies dripped down his covetous hands. They had a chance, and they failed miserably. In accordance with the laws of the state of Florida, he should have been arrested years ago. It's unfortunate to have a state full of cowards who won't even prosecute people who murder babies. Pendergraft has received upwards of $12,000/abortion to kill babies through 9 months of pregnancy, illegally. Shame on them for allowing it to happen. God hates the hands that shed innocent blood. Failure to do something about it is to be an accomplice in the murder.

It is my prayer that James Pendergraft is brought to justice, in this world. I hope that some how, each and every illegal abortion he has commited will become known. If God is willing, it can happen. In the mean time, his license is still suspended.

Also in the mean time, infants continue to perish at the hands of their Mamas, and the church continues to sit around warming pews, making quilts, and having "get togethers" instead of caring. Our work is not yet done. If we are to pray that God's will be done, and His Kingdom come, we better be willing to make some sacrifices and do something.

He comes quickly...will He find you idle?


jc said...

Just checked out your blog profile (got hear via Desiring God's blog post on the book sale recommendations).

So you don't like movies? Not even the oldies but goodies, such as The Sound of Music?

Swylv said...

Abortion for selfish reasons hurts me and all women like me trying and praying for a first and/or second and then some child....I sometimes do not understand why people who don't want babies are given them...maybe the LORD just wants those little ones home with HIM sooner...HE is sovereign and knows before hand what the mom/dad will do...but it does hurt very much.

Mary Jo said...

jc: I'm not like "anti-movies"--just "anti most movies" ;) Occasionally, I'll enjoy an old movie or a new one that is clean (I use pluggedinonline.com for movie reviews).

swylv: I know...abortion is a terrible thing. I so long for the day when I'm married and am able to have a precious little baby to hold in my arms. God does much we don't understand. His ways are not our ways. Thankfully, He is completely sovereign and holy and just.