Friday, June 29, 2007

Update on life

So, I haven't done just a general update on life, so here goes.

I'm going to see my beloved, Ben, at his family's house on Tuesday. My flight leaves eeeeearly in the morning. I'll have to leave at 5:15am from the house! Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, we'll be in Washington, DC on a ministry tour. I'm not sure who organized it, but I'll be there. I believe it's when they're voting on the hate crimes bill. Ick! I hope it doesn't pass. After we're in DC, we'll go back to the Murches' house. I'll be there until Sunday, May 15. Ben's going to drop me off at my Grandma's house after church, and I'll leave Monday with Grandma for the beach in South Carolina, where Dad's whole immediate family will be gathered. We'll be there for a week, and I'll return home with my parents on the 23rd.

I started sewing lessons this week. This sweet 70-something lady named Mary, who works at the fabric store, offered to teach me one time a couple months back. So, I took her up on the offer. I brought my sewing machine to her house and she taught me how to use it. So, I'm going to have Mom and Dad bring it with them to the beach, and I plan to make a skirt while I'm there. She showed me how to cut out the material and all that. It's a very basic skirt and shouldn't be too difficult for a beginner like myself.

Last night, my friend, Paola, spent the night. We had a really nice time...I don't see her as much as I did when I was in school, but we always have a good time together. Tomorrow night, my Pastor's daughter is sleeping over. That should be fun, too! :)

In other news. . .I got my driver's license today! By the grace of God, I passed my test after 2 and a half years of having a permit. So, that's exciting. I went grocery shopping by myself this evening while Mom made dinner. I went to the ATM to get cash, and then to both grocery stores. I didn't run into any trouble, and stayed under the budget! Quite an adventure ;)

So, I guess I'll get going.

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