Wednesday, June 13, 2007

WFMW: Keeping a Schedule

For a while, I had gotten out of the habit of having a schedule, and I shared here that I was not doing too great with time management. Shortly thereafter, I made a new schedule accomodating my need to have about 5 hours set aside each day to work on my correspondance Bible degree. This week, it was implemented and even though we're only half way into the week, things are going splendidly! I finished my first course (Genesis), chores have been kept up with, I've been able to practice flute and piano, work on sewing, exercise,'s been wonderful. :o) At least for me, this is quite a motivator to keep on the move! So, having a fairly micro-manage-y (but not TOO much so) definitely works for me. To see my current schedule, view this blog post.


Bo Tai-tai said...

I am glad you found a schedule that is working for you. Way to go on this week so far.

Swylv said...

where are you taking a correspondance Bible degree from? thanks

Mary Jo said...

My Bible college is call The Homestead College of Bible and Graduate School. their website is: