Thursday, October 11, 2007

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

Twenty years ago yesterday, my Mom and Dad were covenanted together in marriage. Twenty years ago, they said vows to each other so binding that they were joined together as one flesh, until death parts them. The past (almost) 18 years, they have faithfully lived out those vows before my eyes. In hard times, in sickness, in pain, they are always there for each other. In joyous occasions, they always celebrate together. They are a constant encouragement to each other, and these past years since they have become followers of Christ, they continually build one another up in the things of God, challenging each other to be more like Christ. In so doing, they have been a wonderful example to me of how marriage should be. Their love for each other has only grown these last twenty years, and continues to grow into something more and more beautiful as time passes. While they look back on twenty years, I look ahead to marriage and pray that God will allow my marriage, by His grace, to be as wonderful as theirs!

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