Friday, October 19, 2007

Adventures in South Florida

Yesterday morning at 9:53am, Mom and I pulled out of the drive way of our Orlando home an hour later than we had planned. We were somewhat frazzled from the hustle and bustle of getting ready for a trip, but at last, we were on our way. Four hours, and one stop at Starbucks later, we pulled into the driveway of my Aunt Dana's home in South Florida. She called us earlier in the week to ask if could stay with her three kids (my cousins!) for a few days while she and my Uncle John go out of town for business. Not being one to turn down a chance to spend time with my cousins, I was happy about the trip! When we arrived, Aunt Dana gave us a run-down of what everyone was going to be doing and then they took off for the airport. Shortly thereafter, my youngest cousin, Ivan, walked in the door from a day in the 4th grade. I was on the phone with my dear Grandmother when he came home. After talking to him for a while, Andrea (who is now 15--I remember her in diapers and sucking her thumb!) walked in from her day at the largest high school in America. We were happy to find out her band practice was cancelled for the evening. It gave us some extra time together. Andrea and I have been close for as long as I can remember. We're always together at family get-togethers and whatnot, and we always have really good conversations when we're together. I much enjoy her company! After sitting in the living room going back and forth from playing Nintendo with Ivan and talking to Andrea while she did her homework, I went to pick up Sydney, the seventh grade cousin of mine, from her soccer practice (yes--I drove *grin*). We spent the evening around the house, and got to bed somewhat late.

This morning, I took both of the girls to school! It made me feel old (sort of...?). I spent the day relaxing, and doing none other than playing what used to be my favorite video game (back when I was...8 or 9?)--Donkey Kong Country (3). Haha. They pulled out the super nintendo yesterday. So, Ivan and I have just about beat the game today. I know, impressive, huh? Just kidding. I'm really not that much of a nerd, and I don't usually just relax all day. I did go out to lunch with my Mama as well as take Ivan to the store when he got home from school!

Now, Andrea and Sydney are both at the High School football game (it's Homecoming tonight), Ivan is playing Play Station 2 (some guitar game?), and I am writing a very late blog update!

I think I'll start posting more soon. But then, I always say that... :o)

~Mary Jo

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