Friday, October 19, 2007

Time Management, Organic Food

Lately, I have simply not been managing my time very well. I am very easily distracted by a number of things, but mostly my computer. There are so many interesting things to read that I could just spend hours each day....but when I do that, other things don't get done. Surprisingly, even though I am single, I live with my parents, and I do my college work from home at my own pace, I am a *very* busy girl. I have really learned to value days I don't have to leave the house! This is something I've simply never appreciated before! Every day, my schedule SHOULD include:

~at least an hour to two hours of Bible reading/prayer/other reading (theology books, etc)
~around 5-6 hours of time for school
~an hour for practicing my flute
~an hour to exercise and shower
~some time in the morning AND evening to talk to my beloved (an hour in the evening, morning time varies)

Plus I need to make breakfast and dinner (and I've been trying to cook really healthy, soak my grains, make as many things as I can from scratch, etc, which takes longer! AND uses more dishes!), and clean up afterwards. Plus, I'm trying to start doing some freelance writing, and I need time to get set up for that, too! *head spins* Plus, I do need some time to blog, etc. Reading the blogs I read is very edifying & uplifting. I've learned a lot from the ladies whose blogs I read!

I'm so thankful the LORD has me where He does, though. It is so precious to know that He is sovereign, and I am so thankful for His grace bestowed upon me. I am so happy that I am able to stay at home, and I'm thankful for this time of figuring out how to do everything I need to do! Developing serious discipline at this stage in my life will, I'm sure, be very beneficial. Once I'm married, and Lord willing, once we have children, it will be an absolute, positive necessity! Lord, give me the grace I need to manage my time in a way that honors You!

How 'bout it. We get back on Sunday evening from S. Florida. I'm going to start Monday. But, Monday at 11AM, I'm picking up a shipment of food from Amos Miller's Organic Farm in PA. I found out about a local co-op just in time to place an order with them that will be delivered Monday, with the orders of others from my area. We've order enough meat/dairy to last us about a month, and I'm very excited. The animals are all grass fed and given no antibiotics, etc. The dairy products are made from raw, organic cow's milk! I'm pretty excited, as I've recently been studying the benefits of this type of food. So, anyway, that is a necessary outing for Monday morning, but other than that, I am definitely going to try to be more organized this coming week.

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