Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Cleaning House

So, what works for me this Wednesday is something I started recently, after being inspired by Erin's blog. I decided to make a few of my weekly chores daily chores. So now each morning, I clean the kitchen counter and sweep in addition to my chores for that day. Every evening before Dad gets home from work, I make an effort to declutter everything so the house looks really nice and clean. Then, I vacuum the main walkway of the house (basically, the front room and the den, and the inbetween space), as well as clean the kitchen counters. After I cook dinner, I do the counters and sink, and also sweep the floor. Vacuuming every day really helps, especially since we have two dogs. Cleaning the counters and sinks every day (and the toilets twice each week instead of once) gives our bathrooms a nice at a hotel, when every day the bathroom is neat and clean. :o)


Mom2fur said...

It's probably healthier all around to vacuum every day like you do. And better for your rugs! One of the reasons they get worn out is all the little bits of sand and teeny weeny pebbles we track in from outside.
I can't vacuum myself because of back problems, so my husband does it once a week. But I can use something called a "Swivel Sweeper." It's very lightweight and it really works! You might want to check that out for your daily cleaning.

Sherri said...

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