Wednesday, February 14, 2007

New Recipe Wednesday

So, I'm not planning on having weekly "new recipe Wednesday" or anything, but I tried 3 new recipes this morning, and I'm planning to try one more before the day's end.

First, I made some chocolate chip cookies, using the recipe from Tammy's Recipes. They don'tlook very much like the picture, but they still taste good. Those are going in the mail to Ben today. :o) They're already in the bags ready to go in a box. Hopefully, he'll enjoy them!

Next, I made Italian Scrambled Eggs, also from Tammy's Recipes. I was a little nervous about it, just because it's an unusual recipe, but it turned out good, and both of my parents said they'd like to have it again. :) I didn't take a picture of that...and it's already been eaten! The only thing I did differently was reduce the recipe by 25%, because we only need 6 eggs (2 each). I also used real pepperoni, instead of turkey pepporoni, since that's what we had on hand.

After breakfast, I made a Cinnamon Sprinkle Cake to take tonight to a time of fellowship for us single gals, at the home of some of my friends. I don't know how it tastes, because I'm not going to test it before I'm there...I might have Dad have a taste, though...just to be sure it's good. I'm sure he won't mind. He's got quite a sweet tooth. ;o)

When my Mom gets back from the grocery store, I'm planning to make Southwest Dip to take to the get together tonight, also from Tammy's Recipes. :o) I really like that site, in case you couldn't tell. I highly recommend you check it out. Every time I click through it, I am inspired to attempt new recipes! And usually, the ingredients are normal ingredients you would have on hand. I'm also going to make a fruit salad. I'm going to somewhat by the "recipe" Tammy has for fruit salad, but will be adding extra ingredients, I believe. :o)

Now it's on to put together some salad with grilled chicken for lunch...!

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