Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Just One of the (many!) Benefits...

...of being in love with a carpenter :)

As I probably mentioned before, Ben made me a bookshelf while he was down here for a few days. I just wanted to show it off...because I'm really enjoying it. It's beautiful; he's so talented...and he made it for free! :) It's hanging on the wall above my desk, in my bedroom. It's so very convenient to have all my books right there...and I think the shelf adds a nice touch to my bedroom. Thanks, Ben!

The big set on the bottom left are my wonderful John Calvin Commentaries that I just got in December for my 17th birthday, from my parents. They're probably the "crown" of my bookshelf. *wink*

Right now, Ben and I are reading through the Westminster Confession of Faith together, as well as going through the Larger Catechism, three questions per evening. Here is a picture of the copy I picked up at Bright Light Books, the used Christian bookstore I mentioned on a previous post. I got it for a very reasonable price, and it's like new!

So, there you have it :)

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