Thursday, February 15, 2007

My "Valentine"

I know, I'm a day late...but I got this idea from Erin's blog...and I thought it was neat, so I'm going to copy her. :o)

Some of the (many) reasons I love and respect Ben:

~He loves God and helps me understand scripture when something confuses me
~He's incredibly sweet to me, and puts up with me even on my really emotional, off-days.
~He's a hard worker...he's trying very hard to get the money for us to get married. I know I probably don't show him how much I appreciate it, so he probably doesn't know how much I do...but I really do. It makes me admire him a lot, and it also makes me feel special..that he'd work hard just to be able to marry little old me. :o)
~He's appreciative. Whenever I bake him things (even if they aren't very lovely--like flat chocolate chip cookies), he shows his appreciation, and seems as though he enjoys them (hopefully, he actually does :o)
~When he's around, I feel a sense of safety that I don't always when he's far away in Virginia. There's just something about having him close by that makes me feel extra secure.
~He's my very closest friend. I can tell him anything in the world, and know that he'll still love me.
~When I look at the average 21-year-old guy, I am amazed at how different Ben is from the status quo. He's focused on his walk with the Lord, and getting ready to settle down, and provide for a wife, and eventually (if God is willing) a family. He could be having the "fun" (ie: doing the wicked things) that the average guy in his age range does...but he doesn't even think those things look fun! And I think that's wonderful. :)

I love and respect Ben because he deserves it. He's a wonderful man with a heart for God, and I very much look forward to spending the rest of my life with him.


Erin said...

Hi Mary Jo! I love your list, and you reminded me of a couple things I forgot to put on mine:o) Ben sounds like a definite keeper!

Mary Jo said...


Thanks. :) The only reason the list is good is because God has so richly blessed me with such a wonderful guy! He is certainly a keeper, and I definitely plan on keeping his as long as the Lord gives us both breath!

-Mary Jo