Thursday, January 25, 2007

Menu Planning

So, due to the surprise ministry opportunity this morning at OWC, my schedule has been pretty off today. I was able to exercise this morning, and mop the house the house this afternoon (my chore for the day). I also got to plan our menu for the coming week (an excellent eBook on this topic is Menu Planning Made Easy--it has helped us be FAR more frugal in our shopping, as more organized as well). It was rather time-consuming, as I was peaking around looking for new recipes. Thanks to Crystal at Biblical Womanhood I found a great blog with lots of wonderful looking recipes on it, by Tammy. We are having about 20 people at our house for dinner (not including the three of us) on Thursday night. The folks going to down to Miami to ministry at the Super Bowl from Life and Liberty Ministries are spending the night at our house before heading off for Miami on Thursday morning. Ben's family is coming with them, but Ben is spending the weekend here in Orlando and we'll be ministering around here. There will also be some other folks from the VA area. They're stopping here again on the night of February 4, to stay the night, before heading back to VA on Monday.

My menu for the coming week is as follows (if you want any of the recipes, let me know):

Sunday (January 28):
Breakfast~French Breakfast Puffs (from Crystal's eBook, Simple Centsible Breakfasts) and eggs
Lunch/Dinner~There is a chili cookout after church, so I don't need to make lunch or dinner!

Monday (January 29):
Breakfast~Leftover French Breakfast Puffs
Lunch~Curried Chicken Salad (sooo good)
Dinner~Chicken & Orzo soup and multi-grain quick bread (these recipes are both new...hopefully they turn out!)

Tuesday (January 30):
Breakfast~English muffins w/ egg, ham, and cheese
Dinner~chicken tacos, homemade refried beans (another new recipe), and rice (also new--I've made rice before though :o).

Wednesday (January 31)
Breakfast~Cinnamon Crunch Granola (another new recipe!)
Lunch~Creamy Broccoli and Cheese Soup (new also)
Dinner~leftovers (Mom and I go out on Wednesday night, since we go to the abortion mill and have women's group after that)

Thursday ( February 1):
Breakfast~English muffins w/egg, ham, and cheese (or granola)
Dinner~KFC Chicken, mashed potatoes, salad, corn, and oreo dessert (that's a "family recipe" of sorts...delicious, even if you don't like oreos!)

Friday (February 2):

Breakfast~Breakfast Casserole (also from Crystal's eBook)
Lunch ~Sandwhiches (or leftovers or something)
Dinner~homemade pizza and salad (Ben likes pizza a lot *grin*)

Saturday (February 3):
Breakfast~Biscuits and gravy (another of Ben's favorites!)
Dinner~Lasagna, salad, and rolls (30 minute dinner rolls, from Crystal's eBook, Simply Centsible Suppers)

There you have it! The perfect menu plan (haha). :oD

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