Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Thoughts of the "Enemy" on Abortion

This is an interesting "letter". It is worth a read, quite thought provoking. Patte Smith sent it to me. The apathy of supposed "christians" to the wickedness that is rampant in this country makes me sick. They love to go over seas for a week at a time to "minister"...I guess evangelizing your own neighbors, and seeking to save those being taken to the slaughter (both of those things, by the way are expressly commanded in scripture) are just less glamorous. . Christians need to wake up and get moving...forget about their superbowl parties and the other "ministries" (laughing ministries--absurdity of absurdities), quilting ministries--nothing wrong with quilting, just don't quilt instead of obey God, etc), and begin obeying Almighty God. They'll stand before Him one day...and a number of "good church-goers" will be shocked when the Lord Jesus Christ separates the goats from the sheep, and tells the goats to depart from Him, as they are cast into the lake of fire.

(NOTICE: I am not advocating work-salvation. Salvation is by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone...but one's obedience to Christ, and their willingness to sacrifice for Him is a good indicator as to whether they have truly been saved. Like Martin Luther said, "We're saved by faith alone, but a faith that saves is not alone.")

To the throngs of demons,:
One of my favorite principles is qui tacet consentire videtur or Silence Gives Consent.
This principle, along with man's natural tendency toward the sin of spiritual sloth, allows me to ensnare more church-going "christians" than any other.
I delight in abortion for many reasons. As you well know, I view the death of innocent babies as a sacramental sacrifice to me. I relish each and every additional weight of punishment that will be meted out against the mother and fathers of the baby and all those who provide the service of offering human sacrifice for financial gain. I take great pleasure in watching the medical personnel abuse their power and take authority over life and death. Oh how I love to prosper them!
There is something else too, that I gives me particular glee. It's the number of those who call themselves "christians" that I have serving me through their explicit and tacit approval of these mass infant sacrifices. Their deafening silence is music to my ears. It appears that their sins of omission are of no consequence to them. I watch them sit idle as the little children are led to bloodly deaths and the church-goers accumulate wrath for themselves in the day of wrath by their failure to lift a finger to intervene. They seem oblivious to their spiritual fate, as day by day, year by year, over a lifetime they look the other way while I preside over the systematic tortured, mutilation and premature births of these unwanted infants. The church-goers continue their weekly religious duties, seemingly unaware that their sins of ommision will be counted heavily against them at their judgment. If they had intervened, many, if not most, of the mothers and their little ones would have escaped my sacrificial altar. What a victory! I will admit that the apathy of the outwardly pious is a perpetual puzzle to me. Perhaps it is because they cannot see the victims inside their mothers or witness the actual slaughter. Perhaps their conscience is on the fritz. Well, no matter. I get such a kick when I see the throngs of "christians" going in and out of Mass or church service, year after year, never bothering to think about, let alone do anything about, this deliciously sacred act of mass human sacrifice to me. Their religious prayers and songs and their silence about the blood offerings being poured out in my honor our silence is sweet music to my ears. They all think that they are bound for rewards in heaven -- well, heaven's loss is certainly my gain. Ha Ha!
Another reason why the principle Silence GIVES Consent is such a favorite of mine is that it is so easy to keep men in a condition of spiritual sloth, where they are mute. I can get most people to ignore their own sins of omission indefinitely, especially since it doesn't seem to draw any attention to the priests, pastors and the other church-goers like some of the blatant sins of commission do.
This legion of lukewarm souls is one of my greatest assets in my war against the image of God in humanity. Without them, it would be impossible to perpetuate this act of worship to me.
Regards. . . . . . . . . . Satan

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