Saturday, November 04, 2006

An Update On Life

Well, this week was alright. Tuesday and Wednesday were spent mostly resting and catching up on e-mails and stuff. I was tired from my trip, so it was a welcomed rest. Thursday and Friday, I worked on school work. I got behind during the Philly tour because there wasn't really any time in the evenings, and when there was, there was no where quiet enough, and there wasn't a lot of travel time like on the Virginia tour. I didn't get behind at all that week. I'm all caught up, though, except for tests. I'll need to take 4 Anatomy tests this week, and 2 history tests, so that might be a challenge, but that's okay. This coming week is my last week of Anatomy. Yaay! I'm so relieved to be coming towards the end of high school. I'm so thankful the Lord answered my prayers and changed my parents' hearts about home schooling. If He hadn't, I would be finishing for another year and a half. I should be married by then, if the Lord is willing! God is so good to His children :) After this coming week, I've only got 3 weeks left of Government. After that is 2 weeks more of History and I'll be done! I need to take a GED so I can get my diploma, so I'll need to schedule that and study for it, though I think it will be quite easy.

In addition to doing school yesterday, I started practicing piano again. Ben and I both think it will be good if I know how to play. I also plan on working on flute again, after about a year without a lesson. I don't think I'll get lessons, but I can still work on it on my own. I worked through the first set of piano books in a couple of hours, and I'm about half way through the second set ("Level 1"). When I quit a while back, I was in level I've lost a lot. It shouldn't take me too long to get back to where I was.

Today was a sad day. :( We had to put my dog, Schuster, to sleep. I'm going to do a post about him, so I'll talk about him there, but what happened was that he got paralyzed in his back two legs. We aren't sure what was wrong, but it was either cancer or a herneated disk, both of which would have cost $2000 or more to correct. We simply cannot afford that kind of medical bill for a dog. So, alas...we've got 2 dogs, now. I was really sad, but I don't think I'll cry about it any more or anything. I'm thankful for the 11 years I had him as my dog.

How is everyone? I haven't talked to a lot of people in a long time. I'd love some updates!


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