Friday, November 03, 2006

Virginia Face the Truth Tour, Day 5

This is a pretty short entry...but here you have it. The last day of the Virginia Face the Truth Tour. :) I hope you enjoyed reading about it. I'll start next week with posts about the Philadelphia Tour.

After a refreshing 9 hours of sleep, Friday morning at 9:30 we were picked up and taken to the place the guys had spent the night. We piled into the vans and headed for Howard University, a black college in Washington, D.C. The stop, at least where Ben and I were, was fairly uneventful. Most everyone took tracts, and a couple folks thanked us for being there, and everyone who passed saw the signs, so it was good. The final stop of the tour was an incredibly busy intersection in Silver Springs, MD. I was on a median between multiple lanes of moving traffic doing literature, which was a little bit scary at times. Many people took the literature. Still, many were uninterested. One lady stopped to thank us for being there and gave me $10 to use for our ministry, so that was a blessing. After the stop ended, we headed home for the weekend.

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