Saturday, September 02, 2006

New Layout, Sick at home, and other sorts of things

So, I'm home sick today instead of doing my usual Saturday ministry activities. I do long to be out in the field of souls...but I don't think people want someone at their door who can't really talk and who will sneeze on them every couple of minutes. They already think the gospel is foolish enough, much less if the messenger is sick! So, I'm home today. After taking some Claritan and some ibprofin, I am feeling quite a bit better, though I still have the sniffles. My extra time explains the new layout and whatnot. In bed, with my laptop, messing with my layout. Haha

I've been doing some thinking this morning. Lately, I've been reading a lot of books on Biblical womanhood, from being a good wife, to cooking, cleaning, and all sorts of things. Each and every one of them has ideas I want to put into place now, in preparation for marriage and in service to my family, but it can be overwhelming! I've tried making a schedule, which I've NOT been good about following, though I plan to start THIS WEEK! I've also been planning our meals at the beginning of the week, and cooking breakfast and dinner most days. I've been trying to maintain my relationship with the Lord, which obviously comes first (at least...I try to keep it first. I'm obviously NOT perfect), my relationship with my family, and Ben, and stay organized with chores, cooking, and school. Sometimes, it just seems like a lot to handle. I have really great intentions, but somewhere between sleeping an extra half an hour, or talking to Ben an extra half hour...or family devotions starting later than planned, my whole schedule goes down the tubes, and I'm back at square one. It is thoroughly frustrating. It truly is my heart's desire to be as prepared as I can be for marriage and to serve my family while I'm still at home. Thankfully, every week ends, and there's always, until the Lord comes back or calls me home, next Monday to start my weekly schedule over again. I love sitting down at the end of the day having done everything I needed to do, and some things I just wanted to do. It really is nice. I don't want to waste another day of my life, which is but a vapor, and SHOULD be all for the glory of my Lord. So, I'm going to try my best not to waste my days anymore. This reminds me of the lyrics to a song we sing at church called "You Are My World." Here's the part I'm thinking of.

All my days are gifts from You
I pray I'd use them as You want me to
Use them for you
Really, though...God is so deserving of every moment of every day in the life of His children being used for His glory. Even if that just means staying focused on the responsibilities He has for me at this point in life, and preparing for the responsibilities I will one day have, if He is willing, I want to do all for His glory...and by His grace, I can try.

And with wonderful boyfriend is on the phone, so I'll be going!

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