Monday, September 04, 2006

"Abortionist Closes His Chop Shop"

So, here's an update from Patte. Randall Whitney is one of the baby killers at OWC, the mill my family ministers at. I wasn't even aware he had his own death camp, but praise be to God that it's closed!!!! :) This article is REALLY bias, but it's the one I have so I'm posting part of it. The article can be found in its entirety here.

Staff Writer

Dr. Randall Whitney, who has run one of the two abortion centers in Volusia County for three decades, isn't waiting for any court decisions or new laws to get out of the abortion business in Daytona Beach. He stopped doing abortions at the Family Planning Center two days ago, pushed by a protracted battle with the state over how his practice should be regulated.

Whitney is bracing for the obliteration of abortion rights.

"It's going to be an ugly fight in this country," said Whitney, who performs roughly half of the abortions in Volusia County each year, usually 1,000 to 1,500. "These Republican do-gooders and pro-lifers don't have a clue."

Those who hope for fatal blows to abortion rights are ready to duke it out. Among them is Mary Wallis, head of the 18-year-old Pregnancy Crisis Center in Daytona Beach, who has dedicated herself to helping women get through their full pregnancy.

Wallis, a retired nurse, even helped two 11-year-old victims of incest who wound up giving birth.

"In 1973, I was so stunned America would pass such a law," said Wallis, a native of Ireland who moved to the United States in 1953. "It's God's creation we're destroying."

Whitney will still offer other types of medical care at his Mulberry Street office, and he'll continue to perform abortions at Orlando clinics, as he has done for years. His decision is about legalities, not a moral dilemma, he said.

"I sleep well," Whitney said. "I have no concerns about what might have been if a fetus lived."

Whitney, who calls himself a "modified Christian," is among abortion-rights supporters who fear a complete national ban. Others expect there will eventually be some states where abortion is legal, and others where it's not.

"If the country keeps going in the direction it is, abortion will only be legal in the states that choose to have it," predicted Stephanie Grutman, executive director of the Florida Association of Planned Parenthood Affiliates. "We'll be down to about seven states, not including Florida. Some people will just go to Mexico, Canada or Indian reservations for abortions."

I do NOT agree with a lot of what's said in this article, nor do I affiliate myself with the listed "ministries." I think any CPC that refuses to call abortion what it is--murder of a tiny, precious human being who is crafted by Almighty God in HIS image--has problems, and I wouldn't send someone there unless I had clearly had the opportunity to share the gospel with them, and speak with them about the reality of the grievous sin of abortion. I fully believe that, especially if they're calling themselves a "christian" ministry, they will be held accountable before the Lord for having NOT called sin, sin. The Bible says God HATES the hands that shed innocent blood (Proverbs 6:16-17). It's not something to be taken lightly. You don't have to walk in someone's shoes to know it's wrong to chop a little baby limb by limb from his or her mother's womb, unlike what the CPC director stated in the article. Another problem is that the only "religious" people the interview are catholics and a unitarian. I'm not going to get into all that now, but probably will do a series on catholicism in the near future. In all...the closing of this mill is a glorious occasion, and one we should all thank the Father for. As Patte said, "May the dominoes of child murder in Florida be falling!" May God bring revival to our land before it's too late.

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.
~2 Chronicles 7:14

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