Friday, August 18, 2006

Qui tacet consentit

Just thinking ...
I would not be suprised if there was a resounding SILENCE, no matter what we sent out to alert the church and call her to action on behalf of the little babies here in Orlando. On the whole the sons of the devil don't care and with very little exception, the visible church doesn't seem to be much different than the world.
I certainly would like to see far greater scrutiny and investigation by the media into this story. The Sentinel sure is doing a dismal job of seeing past the "women are going to have a harder time finding a place to go for late term abortions in the state of Florida". Oh my! The poor mothers ... have to go searching for place to labor and deliver their children into toilets or have them dissected alive, now that Pendergraft is temporarily out of bu$ine$$.
I'd like to see this story blown open and placed in the court of public opinion with all of the gory details. Pendergraft and his cronies have a license to kill. They commit attrocities that amount to crimes against humanity with very little interference from the government or the church. The right questions to be asking here are:
"Who are the real victims of abortion?"
"Who are the perpetrators of abortion?"and
"Who are the co-conspirators of abortion?"
Qui tacet consentit
Our silence in the face of abortion implies
There is a quote in the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC which says:
Thou shalt not be a victim.
Thou shalt not be a perpetrator.
Above all, thou shalt not be a bystander.
I think we'd better stop standing by.
Patte Smith
Sanctuary Ministries
Just an e-mail Patte sent out...very well written, and so true. The church these days is too busy having their potluck dinners and short-term mission-vacations, and having their comedy hours to realize the wickedness going on in their own back yards, and do something about it! Babies being torn to pieces, shoved down garbage disposals, birthed into toilets and drowned...humans created in the image of Almighty God stuffed into Medical Waste Bags alive, and left for dead. This is America. And people still sing "God bless America.." every 4th of July and Veterans day at their church services. It seems to me it would be far more appropriate to be on our faces before God BEGGING Him to bring this nation to repentance, BEGGING Him to have mercy and end the sin in this country before He pours out His wrath on us. Right now...that's all we deserve--the wrath of Almighty God...and if we don't repent, that's exactly what we'll get. And repentance has to start in the churches...and right now, they'd rather warm pews and have their ears tickled and return to their sin Sunday evening than to repent and actually live as disciples of Jesus Christ. It really is shameful. Wake up, church.

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