Wednesday, August 23, 2006

"Orlando's Dr. Mengele"

So, apparently the death mills are already scheduling murders for next week. The Orlando Sentinel reporter who has been covering the story called and spoke with "Dr." Pendergraft's PR person, Marti MacKenzie, and she freely admitted they were scheduling appointments, even though they have not yet been given the go-ahead by the state to open up shop. They have filed an appeal with the state and are confident that his license will be returned by next week. It is my prayer that it won't happen. Please, join me in praying for the mills to stay closed, and justice to be met. May God be glorified and may His will be done.

You can see the e-mail Patte sent out about it here, on the blog of local radio show host, Pat Campell. Feel free to comment on his blog in response. He'll probably get a lot of flack for posting it, so I'm sure encouraging words would be nice.

I'll do an update about my life and whatnot probably tomorrow. I've just been SO busy. It'll be a long post...beware!

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