Thursday, September 27, 2007

5 Children Perish in orlando

We arrived yesterday morning at Orlando Women's Center in the refreshingly cool dark of the morning awaiting the arrival of the late term mamas who were to come for abortions. After hugs and hellos, Mom, Patte, and I prayed together in the quiet of the morning before anyone had arrived. We boldly approached the throne of God, pleading with Him to give us holy boldness and to soften the hearts of the women we would meet.

Shortly after we prayed, the first couple arrived. They were a young couple and did not say much. We spoke to them off and on throughout the morning, but as far as we know, their baby still perished in the toilet of 1103 Lucerne.

One young Mom who came to kill her infant appeared to be about my age. Her mother brought her. This scene always impacts me a lot. It is the height of wickedness for a mother to bring her teenage daughter to an abortion mill to labor and deliver her fully formed infant into the toilet. Neither of them spoke a word to us.

One woman went in the doors, arms packed with bags of clothes, a pillow, and goodies. It looked like she was preparing for a slumber party. Another locked herself out of the car. The last Mom we spoke with was 20 weeks along, and was killing her infant for financial reasons. One must wonder why she could afford an abortion that late in pregnancy. She was incredibly nonchalant about the whole thing. That never ceases to amaze me.

I will never understand why women would be willing to pay thousands of dollars to labor and deliver their infant prematurely, and watch him or her (or both, if a mom is carrying twins!) perish in the toilet, aside from the fact that scripture teaches the doctrine of total depravity. Nonetheless, it is unfathomable.

Here is a video of a doctor examining babies aborted using the same procedure as they use on Wednesdays at Orlando Women's Center. It is not a bloody video. They are perfectly formed, tiny babies murdered by their own Moms.

"...the LORD hates...hands that shed innocent blood." (Prov. 6:16-17)

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Swylv said...

this really hurts me....why can't these fertile women who don't want their babies get together with women who are not fertile and make their day? ya know....

again very sad