Friday, May 18, 2007

Hello from Chapel Hill, NC

Hi there!

I am in Chapel Hill, NC. Mom and I flew up yesterday, meeting Dad who was already here on business. My cousin, Marianna, is getting married here today. We're here for the wedding. Most of Mom's family is here, and I never see them, so it should be nice to spend time with them. My Aunt Mida and three of my cousins are staying in the same hotel as we are, and we just saw her for a few minutes this morning. We're going out to breakfast with them at 9:30.

Sorry my posting has been pretty sporatic lately. I've just been pretty busy! With schoolwork, and cleaning, spending time with friends, reading, talking Ben (<3), plus being at the abortion mill regularly, I just haven't had that much time!

The wedding is today, and tomorrow morning we're going to church. First Baptist in Durham, NC is on the 9 Marks website, and they have a service at 8, so we're going there. After church, we're going to my cousin and her (then) husband's house for a fairwell brunch. Ben is picking Mom and I up sometime tomorrow afternoon, as he and his family only live a couple hours from where we are. He's taking us back to covenant farm. Mom is meeting his parents for the first time, so that is exciting! She'll be staying until until Tuesday. I'm staying for another week, after Mom leaves. I'm so happy I get to see Ben. It's been a couple of months since we've seen each other, so I really can't wait...I'm so excited. I love him SO much!! :)

His business continues to pick up, so we're both very thankful to our Lord for that! We're very much looking forward to seeing what he has in store. He truly is so good, and gives us far more than we will ever deserve!

I better get going, but I hope everyone is doing well. I will try to be more regular with my posting again. :)