Thursday, February 01, 2007

Today... going to be really busy!!

I got home late last night from women's group, so I didn't get to bed until about 10:45-ish. Everyone is coming down today, so Ben called me at 5:20, to let me know that they were well on their way to Richmond to pick up folks. I went back to sleep until 6:15, and I've been moving kinda slow. I intended to exercise this morning, but I am not going to have time. We're leaving at about 8 to go to Orlando Women's's their first killing day of the week. Mom and I will be the only ones there for a little while. Appointments begin at 9, so we're going to try and be there about 8:30. It's good to get there early.

When we get back, I'll need to exercise and get the house ready for company. I need to vacuum and mop, and just straighten up around the house some. It's relatively clean since Mom and I have been keeping up with the chores...there's just clutter that needs to be put away. Since there will be 20 people spending the night (in addition to the three of us), I need to get the rooms ready for people. Maybe I'll do before and after pictures of my cleaning efforts today, just for fun.

We're getting KFC for dinner tonight (well, the chicken...I'm making sides to go with it), so that should be fairly easy.

I need to do a couple things before we leave, so I'm going to head out!

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