Monday, February 12, 2007

Of Saved Babies, Back Yard BBQs, and Sabbath Rest

My weekend was pretty nice. After an incredibly stressful,saddening Friday at the abortion mill, a relaxing weekend was much invited. It's very easy sometimes to feel "crippled" under burdens you have, but thankfully when we are weak and lean on God, He is made strong. Praise Him that His grace is indeed sufficient for us!

Saturday, we headed back to the death camp at 6 in the morning. Early on, the people there for infant slaughter seemed incredibly hard-hearted. I was definitely trying to prepare myself for another disheartening day. Later in the morning, a Roman Catholic man named Mark who has an ultra-sound machine, showed up on the sidewalk. Having an ultra-sound machine there is such a wonderful tool to encourage the women to have mercy on their babies.

The first mommy came out about an hour after he arrived, to get her ultra-sound. After seeing her tiny baby bouncing around inside of her, she decided she could not go through with it! She and her friend came together to have abortions, and she went in and tried to get her friend to come out. I'm not sure whether her friend did or not.

While "Natalie" was still in the van seeing her baby, "Ashley", a sweet girl Patte had talked to earlier in the morning came out and said she had changed her mind and decided not to kill the baby, and wanted an ultra-sound. Unfortunately, the baby didn't show up because she is so early in pregnancy. Ashley was planning to visit an wonderful local adoption agency today to begin the process of picking a couple to adopt her little boy or girl, as she doesn't think she's ready at this time to care for a child.

While the other babies were still slaughtered on Saturday, the two saves simply make being there "worth it." It thrills my heart so when a woman spares her child from his or her imminent death! Please pray that we will be able to keep in touch with both Mommies, and ultimately lead them to the Savior!

We left the abortion mill shortly after for evangelism with our congregation. My group, consisting of Mary Anne, Leah, and myself, spent most of our time speaking with three separate teams of Jehovah's Witnesses. One of the leaders was a former elder, and was so incredibly hard hearted. His wife, leading her young daughter, was hard hearted as well. The last young man, David, who was out with his father (who spoke only Spanish) seemed to be fairly open to the Word of God. He has my Dad's number...pray that God will soften his heart!

After evangelism, we came home to let the dogs out and then headed back to the east side of town for a BBQ to say good-bye to my good friend, and fellow minister (on the sidewalk), Jesse, who is heading to India for missions, and won't be back for an entire year. It was a very sweet time of fellowship! The food was pretty good too ;o) It's hard to believe it will be a whole year until he's back on the sidewalks with us! His fiancee probably thinks it will be unbearable...but she'll be planning a wedding while he's gone. :o)

Sunday was also wonderful. I love my brothers and sister in Christ. Fellowshipping with them, and sitting under the sound preaching of God's word is truly quite edifying! My Sunday School class is going through the book, The Excellent Wife, by Martha Peace. It is a really good book--I highly recommend it to any lady who wants to be a godly wife :)

Today has been a fairly quiet day. I've been able to read and clean, and's been nice. I love being a stay-at-home daughter!

Hope everyone is doing well!

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