Friday, February 09, 2007

Child Brought to Orlando Women's Center Abortion Clinic in Garbage Bag

Today was late term killing day at notorious abortion mill, Orlando Women's Center. As many of you know the way they do late term abortions there is that they put cytotec pills in the vagina of the women one day, to soften the cervix and prepare it to deliver a baby, and then the next day, the women come in and take the same type of pills orally and labor is induced. Once contractions get really heavy, and the women feel a lot of pressure, they are asked to sit on the toilet for when their little baby comes out. There have been times, however, when the infant is born before the doors open at the clinic, and today was one of those days.

Patte Smith and I were standing in the back of the abortion mill this morning calling out to women, when a young couple came up to the building. I followed them as far as I could pleading with them to spare their child.

"Please, don't go in there. If you've only inserted the pills and you are waiting to take some orally, your baby is unharmed. The pills do nothing to the child. You might have even felt her moving since you came here yesterday."

Until the baby is out, labor can be stopped. The pills do no harm to the baby.

Shortly after they went in, the baby's father came outside to get something out of the car. As he waited for the clinic workers to open the back door, we spoke with him, concerning his child. He looked at us and said, "You don't understand," as he held up a large white garbage bag and then said, "This is my child." Clearly, it was. The rather large infant (easily a third trimester baby, though I don't know for sure) was wrapped in what appeared to be a blood-soaked towel or blanket, inside a large garbage bag. We could tell (s)he was a very late term baby, because his/her weight pulled down the bag. As the young man stood there, we pled with him to bring the child to us, and he looked at us for a long time, and then the clinic worker, Sonia, took the child and told us to shut up. Clearly what happened was the Mother delivered the child before she was able to get to the abortion clinic; perhaps last night or early this morning.

We asked the police officer who was there on duty as a security guard to go inside and check and see what was going on. We didn't know whether the baby was dead or still alive, nor did we know whether she was 3rd trimester. Since we know they are scheduling third trimester abortions, it certainly was not outside the realm of possibilities. Charles refused to do anything. As Mom and Paula pled with him to do something, I went back into the back with Patte. After she called the AHCA, FDLE, and the FDoH, with no response, she called 9-1-1. Thankfully, officers came shortly after, and one went inside to investigate. We just found out from the officer who investigated that he didn't even know we were the ones who called 9-1-1. He said he never saw a baby or a bag. So, for now, until the medical waste folks come to pick up all the sacrificed children, the little baby's body is probably in a freezer inside that wretched place, unless they destroyed him already, somehow, to get rid of evidence.

Perhaps, that precious infant did not die completely in vain...perhaps the LORD will use his death to bring an end to Pendergraft's wicked infant sacrifice. Please pray that the LORD will mightily use the death of this precious little boy or girl made in His own likeness, for His glory...something good out of something terribly, amazingly, awfully horrible. Pray that they will take the body in and find out it was indeed an illegal third trimester abortion; pray that they find he was born alive, as well. The truth of this wretched industry needs to go out. The killing must stop. This nation must repent. We certainly are not the "land of the free" or the "home of the brave" anymore.


GrannyGrump said...

That's disturbing.

Just another day in the death business.

Bethanie said...

How awful! It makes me soo sad!