Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Bathroom Cleaning Question

Do any of my readers (I know I have *some* readers, since I'm just over 1,500 visitors) have any ideas (ones that truly work) on how to go about cleaning the water-stain rings inside the toilet bowls? I looked online, and there are so many suggestions, but I don't know which ones will work! Perhaps a seasoned homemaker might shed some light on the issue! The stains aren't terribly bad, but they are un-lovely, nonetheless. :o)

Please comment if you have any tips. Thanks in advance!


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William said...

I'm not a seasoned homemaker, but I've cleaned lots of toilets...and what worked the best for me was The Works Toilet Bowl Cleaner. Some local store should have it. Dump a good sized amount in there and wait 10 minutes, then scrub it out with a long-handled brush (it's very poisonous). If that doesn't get it all, do it again, and that should get rid of it.