Monday, December 04, 2006

Ben Murch featured in his local newspaper!

I wrote a press release a while back and sent it to some VA newspapers, and the News & Advance, a paper in Lynchburg that goes throughout central Virginia did an article about Ben that came out last week on Tuesday. It can be found here.

In other news, he has a couple of auctions up on eBay with his exceptional work. He sure is talented. His latest auctions can be viewed here. The big one is his first attempt that the Greek Revival style. It turned out beautifully. The other is a smaller, more affordable birdhouse--very lovely, indeed! You should check them out :)

Also, he is offering free shipping on all orders placed by December 31, 2006. Take advantage of that great savings ($30 or more!) while it lasts! His website is

I'll probably have an update about life and all that good stuff sometime soon. I just haven't had the time lately...been so busy. Hope everyone is doing well!

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