Thursday, December 28, 2006

Another Update from the Mountains

Hello, everyone! Just popping in for a quick might be one of the last ones of my trip, since Ben is coming in the morning! :) Maybe even in time for breakfast!

Today was a really nice day. I slept in until nearly 7, talked to Ben a while, and then spent time with the family. We went out this afternoon to the sock shop, which was kind of fun. We all got socks. This place used to only make its socks in Mt. Airy, but now they have factories all over. it's called Renfro's socks--very comfy socks! Then, we went to Barney's Diner. If you've ever heard of the Andy Griffith show, it's the Barney who was in that show. It was a cute place, although I'm not used to having people smoking while I'm at a restaurant since that's illegal in Florida. My Aunt Debbie headed back to Greensborrow, NC after that, and we headed back to Grandma's.

When we got home, we chit-chatted a bit. We were talking about sewing and homemaking (this was my Mom, Grandmother and I) and Grandma gave me a beautiful king-size quilt that was handmade by the Great-Grandmother, as well as some lovely aprons that my Great-Grandmother made. I just love things like that! I'm very excited. I'm much looking forward to becoming a homemaker and keeping my husband's home one day. What a priviledge! I'll probably post pictures of the lovely items I received when I get back to Florida.

After chatting for a while, my parents and I headed out to go to the grocery store (I'm seeing Ben tomorrow--I'll be doing some baking!). On the way, we stopped by my Great Uncle's law firm. My Mom used to work there, back when she and Dad moved to Mt. Airy. That's where she was working when she found out she was pregnant with me! One of the ladies who works there worked there back when Mom was there, and Mom really wanted to pop in and say 'hello.' Of course, they were all amazed at how I've grown (a lot happens in 17 years! haha). My uncle was trying to convince me to go to law I said to a few people, I don't think he quite knew who he was talking to (see Titus chapter 2 for more info ;o) It was a nice visit, though. My uncle is a very good lawyer, and he told me about the case he's working on right now, and that was pretty interesting. After that, we popped into the grocery store for a few minutes and picked up some goodies for me to bake with, and then we headed over to the newspaper where my Dad used to work when we lived here in Mt. Airy. It was neat to see those folks as well. One lady, Peggy, used to babysit me when I was a little girl (before age 4). I hadn't seen her since I was really little, so that was nice.

Now dinner is being prepared, and I need to copy down an absolutely splendid recipe for "Angel Rolls" that my Grandma made...they're so good! So, I better get going. I might update again before I get home, but there's no guarantee (which I know is a big boo-boo in the blogging world...but I'll be with Ben, so I've got a good excuse)!

Many blessings!
Mary Jo

"And hereby we do know that we know him, if we keep his commandments." ~1 John 2:3

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