Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Of High School Graduation, Schedule, and Bible Reading

Okay...so my post isn't exactly about Lasagna OR Jeremy Camp, however there is a lasagna in the oven for a family from our church with a new baby, and I'm listening to the new Jeremy Camp CD, Beyond Measure, which I picked up on October 31, the day it came out. Very good album, I must say. So, anyway, that is why I named this post what I did...I couldn't think of an interesting title, and that's what's happening as I type this!

Where to start...
I didn't finish my journal of the Philly Tour, so I'm afraid Day 1 is all y'all are gonna be able to read about that one, unless I happen to get a chance to finish it.

Life is pretty swell :) I miss Ben a LOT, though (of course). I'm hoping to make a trip up there some time in the next month or two, if time and money allow it. I can't stand being away from him! I'm down to 4 and a half weeks of school, which is really exciting. It's hard to believe I'm going to be DONE with highschool so soon. I'm going to need to re-do my schedule once I'm done. That reminds me...I've successfully kept my schedule for about 2 weeks (except for practicing flute and piano)...isn't that exciting? The reason I'm not "on schedule" today is because we're making dinner for Anne Marie and her family.

My current schedule (on most days) is as follows:
5:45 AM-Get up, get dressed, make bed
6:00 AM-short morning devotion
6:30 AM-Sign on and talk to Ben
8:00 AM-Make breakfast, do chores
9:30 AM-Devotions
11:45 AM-exercise, shower
1:00 PM-Lunch
1:30 PM-Study for tests
2:30 PM-Other schoolwork
4:30 PM-straighten up
4:45 PM-Practice Piano
5:15 PM-Practice Flute
6:00 PM-Make dinner, "free time"
7:00 PM-Serve dinner, clean kitchen
8:00 PM-Family devotions
8:45 PM-Work on stuff for Ben's shop
9:00 PM-Talk to Ben
And, I'm asleep by 10:45 PM

So, there's my schedule.

One thing I've been thinking about lately is how I'm going to go about doing my Bible reading. I'm ready for a "change"--something new. I'm considering a few things, and hope to pick one by the start of next year. One thing I'm considering is reading through the whole Bible in a month. I'llbe done with school, so the extra time wont be a problem. Another option I'm considering (though I may do both) is to read through the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation, one chapter a day and read Matthew Henry's Commentary with it. I love his commentary, and I'm sure I'd learn a lot. It would take about 3 years...I'd be 20 by the time I finished! So, I suppose we'll see. Do any of you (if I have any readers) have a "reading plan" you're doing?

I should have a post about my dog sometime...he's been dead over a week now. Hard to believe! We'd had him since a week or two after I turned 5, and I'm almost 17. The other two dogs don't seem to notice he's gone! Strange.

Well, I guess I'll get going. I need to finish dinner and get some things done! Mom and I are going out tonight for dinner, since Dad is at men's group.

Hope everyone is well!


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