Wednesday, August 08, 2007

God is so good!

I almost got in a car accident yesterday! It was truly one of the most horrifying experiences of my life. I was quite shaken up for the rest of the day, but so thankful for God's protection!

I was headed to my sewing lesson. I hadn't ever driven there by myself, but the route is fairly easy. Not far into my journey, I ended up behind a rather large and slow semi. Now, I do not speed. I stay right at the speed limit (much to the dismay of most of the drivers on the road!). Nonetheless, I am not a fan of driving below the speed limit. So I got in the left lane, but it ended up being a turn lane. Whoops! So, I set to get back in the right lane. There were two trucks and there seemed to be plenty of distance between the two, so I went to get between them...and just as I did, the one in front stopped, thus forcing me to stop. That wasn't part of the plan! So, the truck behind me had to slam on his breaks. As I watched in the rear view mirror, I braced myself as I prepared to be rear-ended by a HUGE got closer and closer until it felt like it was about to touch the car...and then it stopped (and honked really loud)! I pulled up as soon as I could, trying to leave the truck more room, and feeling quite shaken up. Then, traffic stopped again. I peered into the side view mirror and much to my horror (as if I hadn't been disturbed enough already!), the truck driver was headed towards my car! That was when I kind of panicked. He banged on my window, yelling and cursing, as I helplessly apologized over and over. Then he went away. I was quite shaken up. Literally, shaking. The rest of my ride was absolutely nerve wracking. When I arrived at my sewing teacher's home, I just had to sit down and take a few deep breaths, while holding back my tears (I was REALLY shaken up). Eventually, I calmed down and went on with my sewing lesson.

When it was time to head home, I wasn't really excited about driving again, so I had the brilliant idea of taking a different route. Anyway, I ended up getting on the wrong highway, unbeknowst to me. About 10 minutes into my drive, my surrounding was very rural. This is unusual, and certainly was not where I intended to be. So, I called my Mom. She didn't know where I was. So I called my Dad. He didn't know where I was either. And, on top of that, he couldn't get his laptop to work. In the mean time, I found out I was running out of gas! Dad told me to get off at the next exit to get just so happened that the next exit was Disney World..."Dad, I'm headed for Disney. Dad...I'm going to Disney World." Haha. So, after driving around the Disney complex, which is like a whole state in the middle of my state, I was headed the right direction.

After leaving my sewing lesson, I arrived home 1 hour later, all in one piece, though still somewhat rattled. Thank you, Lord, for protecting me!


Wielding the Sword said...

Mary Jo, after reading your story, I just have to tell you about my own car experiences. Praise God that you are safe :)

First off, I have no sense of direction... I get lost about 40% of the time I'm driving somewhere. Even if it's small (wrong lane, miss my exit), I still always manage to go the wrong way and have to turn around!

I DID wreck my car already. I was driving *get this* to CHURCH. It's a narrow road up a steep hill, and there is a guardrail very close on the right side. A car coming down the hill got too close to me, so I moved over and swiped the guard rail. I bawled. But like your story, God was very generous to me. My mom didn't even care (It was HER car), and a week later, we traded the car in anyway.

Swylv said...

Well now you know the left lane on your normal route is a turn lane and so now you just have to stay in the right lane...I know just being a passenger in a vehicle we don't normally pay attention to which lane and all but it's really important. I know my son who just turned 6 is always yelling from the back seat to turn here or do this/that and I'm like "are you driving?" ok then no comments from you little sir...LOL