Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Venturing into the outside world...

Today I went all by myself to Staples. I have made a few trips out by myself since I got my license, and this wasn't even the longest one, but the excitement of being able to drive alone hasn't quite worn off. I needed to go out to get a couple of things. The first thing on my list was a binder...I won't divulge what this binder is for just yet, but it's an important binder ;) The 2" binders are $8.49! So, I didn't get a 2" binder. Instead, I got two 1" binders for $1 (it was 1 for $.99 or 2 for $1...so I splurged and got two *wink*). Ah, the frugality of it all. I also got 100 page protectors, and stick-on divider tabs. These are for this new mystery binder as well as my home management binder, which I am redoing along with Keeping the Home's HMB University. I really enjoy improving my binder...I really enjoy homemaking. Guess it's a good thing! I also got a planner...a pretty one with a pink, striped cover :D I really like the format of the planners that come out at the beginning of the school year. I had one last year that I really, really liked! So, I got a bigger one like it this year. It has monthly pages and also weekly pages...the monthly page looks like a normal calendar page and on the weekly pages, each day has a long column which is perfect for to-do lists :D So, I was rather pleased with that purchase. Lined paper was on sale for $0.59/pack so I got two packs of paper, and also a package of 3 4-color pens. I have been looking for such a pen for so long to mark my Bible with and haven't found one until today! So, that was exciting. Who would have thought a single pen (much less 3!) could make an individual so...happy! Ha.

So, in case anyone is interested...such was my shopping trip. Maybe I'll post about my HMB when I finish redoing it. That would be a fun "series" (for me at least!). But then again, maybe I won't! We shall see.

In other news, I'm nearly finished with my second Bible College course, the book of Exodus. Then, it's on to Leviticus :)


Wielding the Sword said...

I have been driving for months and the fun still hasn't worn off!

Thehydenspot said...

I stumbled upon your blog and I just want to say how refreshing it is to see a young woman so eager to want to be a homemaker. Good for you!

When I was your age,in spite of not living for the Lord at the time, I still remember having a strong desire to be a homemaker.
In the 10th grade a male teacher of mine wanted us students to write about what we wanted to do for a living when we grew up. I told him there wasn't anything I wanted to do but be a wife and mother and take care of a home. His response was "The novelty of that will where off!" This is the worlds mindset don't let it pull you down, like it did me. I struggled with my place at home due to that mindset.

Now years later I'm a wife to my husband of 15 yrs and I have 5 children,I am a homemaker. I am confident this is where I belong.
Although this path is difficult at times, I know it is what God had planned for me long ago.