Wednesday, April 25, 2007

"Rescue the perishing..."

It was back to OWC this morning. Five or six couples came to murder their infant children by labor and delivery abortion. None left, that we know of. Dad and I were there by ourselves (have I ever mentioned how grateful I am that I have godly parents? It is truly a blessing) ministering. No one arrived until about 5 'til 7, which is far later than usual. We were even beginning to wonder whether they would be killing late term babies at all today. Unfortunately, we spoke too soon.

The first couple to arrive was a husband and wife couple. They didn't want our information. After shuffling his wife in the door, the husband came back out to put her purse in the car. He claimed that they didn't want to do this, and it was tragic for them, but they had to because the baby was not forming properly. Truly, though...why kill your own infant just because she or he is not developing normally? Let the child die in God's timing, instead of at the hands of his Mommy and Daddy, and a greedy, wicked, money-grubbing baby killer.

The next couple arrived shortly after the first. They were young, probably college aged. They were hard as they entered the building; hardly a word was said. The boyfriend put his arm around her as they went in, and we didn't see either of them for the rest of the morning. It really irks me when guys act all affectionate as they take their girls into a place like that. It's nauseating, in my humble opinion. If you love a girl, you don't take her to murder a baby. Plain and simple. I wonder how many girls would turn away from those places if the men would just stand up and be men.

Another one or two couples drove in and went in, ignoring us completely.

Then, another very young couple drove in in a pick up truck. The girl looked visibly distraught (which makes sense, as she was preparing to murder her own baby). They rejected the information I tried to give them, and tried to avoid me by walking up the other drive way on the opposite side of the parking lot. Shortly after they entered the building they came back out, and she was crying. They got back in the truck and as they drove away, she had her head buried in her pillow; presumably she was sobbing. Just before we left, the couple came back and went in the building. It is a fearful thing to ignore a working conscience. God eventually gives people over toa reprobate mind, to live in their own wickedness and store up wrath for the day of wrath.

The last couple I spoke to had been there last week on Friday. They had been unable to afford the abortion, I learned today, and came back today to commit murder. I remembered them because of their precious daughter...she looks between 2 and 3, and is one of the most adorable little girls I have just about ever seen. Her smile is simply angelic...what a blessing children are from the Lord! Sadly, that little girl's Mommy and Daddy were there to slaughter her little brother or sister. When I first asked why they were doing it the Daddy said, "No reason." Then, the Mommy got back to the car and the father of the imperiled child claimed that his girl "could not have a second baby." They wouldn't go into details, and when I asked if they would be interested in seeing a high risk specialist he told me, "Look, I'm not crazy." I don't know what he meant by that. When his girlfriend/wife (I don't know which) got back in the car, she was annoyed at me, so they drove to the parking lot and rolled up they windows.

My Dad preached the gospel from the sidewalk, and then we left. Lord willing, we will return tomorrow. I don't know whether we'll be going to reach out to the same crowd we saw today (tomorrow will be the second day of the murderous "procedure") or the later shift, of Mommies in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Please pray that the LORD will use the faithful preaching of His word to turn the hearts of mothers and fathers to their precious babes.

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