Wednesday, April 18, 2007

"God bless America"

Today marked the first day of second trimester slaughters at Orlando Women's Center killing place for the week. Dad and I were the only Christians there, and the group was hard, hard, hard. In fact, not one person took a ministry packet. The first woman I talked to told me to shut up and pretty much completely ignored me. She talked on the phone, put her fingers in her ears,'s sad. Dad and I are in agreement in assuming she has probably murdered many babies; that's the only way an individual could seem so conscience-less. She even told the "Army Mom" mentioned below that she just wanted to get it over with and go home and sleep. "Yeah, I'm tired. I'm going to go home and go to sleep." Being nonchalant while on the verge of committing one of the greatest atrocities under the sun is unfathomable.

Shortly after my first encounter with the aforementioned woman, "Army Mom" pulled up with a girl. Dad walked over to show them a fetal model and offer them a ministry packet, and they went and parked across the street. Dad followed them. "Army Mom" rolled down the window and yelled some; she told my Dad the baby wasn't a baby until "it" takes "its" first breath. She also said "This is God bless America." Presumably, she meant that the "legalized" slaughter of babies is God's blessing on our nation. Quite to the contrary, however, scripture says, "Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people." As she rolled the window up, the young Mom she brought with her yelled "Read your Bible!"

As "Army Mom" walked up to the place of death, I called out to her. Instead of heading back to her car, she approached me, screaming at the top of her lungs. I backed away from her and she continued to follow me as I went backwards, getting increasingly closer and louder. Admittedly, I was quite nervous, as she certainly sounded QUITE angry, and appeared to be potentially violent. I was a coward as I feared man, who merely has power to kill the body. She backed away as my Dad walked up the driveway. He began to call out to her, and she went after him too.

She was screaming to Dad and I both about what horrific things were going on in Iraq and about how we needed to go over there and save the babies who are being killed. "GO TO IRAQ. GO TO IRAQ. GO TO IRAQ." However, what does the conflict in Iraq have to do with the slaughter of 4000 young Americans each and every day. This is not to minimize the tragic loss of life happening over seas, but I can't get to Iraq...however, I can get to Orlando Women's Center. Clearly, she wanted the focus removed from her own sin.

She came out a few times while Dad and I continued attempting to minister. Her behavior changed dramatically when she saw that we had a video camera. Praise the Lord that Patte left the camcorder with me. I know it is an honor to be persecuted for the faith, but I also believe we should take measures to protect ourselves against lawless men and women.

Dad preached the gospel after all the women were inside. They are able to hear inside when we use a small, plastic megaphone outside. After that, we left.

Tomorrow is the second and final day of these abortions. They are labor and delivery. Babies can be (and often are) born alive, delivered into toilets and left for dead. I am looking for a ministry partner for tomorrow; if God is willing, He'll provide one. If not, I will see it as His judgment on those mommies-gone-murderers as He with holds any preaching of His word to magnify what their consciences have told them. It is certainly my prayer that I'll be able to find someone to join me for an hour tomorrow morning...we shall see, though.

God will not bless a nation that continues on in the unrepentant murder of the weakest, most vulnerable, and innocent of its citizens. The greatest blessing America could receive right now is revival. Let us approach the throne of grace boldly and pray to this end.

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