Tuesday, April 03, 2007

30 Day Organizational Challenge, Pt. 2

I know, I know...I already did a post about this just a couple of hours ago, but alas...I've decided to tackle our guest room, as well. I mean, really...I'm a stay-at-home daughter, not even doing schooling right now. If I tweak my schedule only a little bit, I certainly ought to be able to tackle this room, also. As a side note: the only reason the bed isn't made is because we just washed the sheets and haven't made it yet. It's usually made beautifully. :o) Without further ado, here is the room!

So, I don't really even know what all is in there, but I imagine plenty can be gotten rid of. It's so refreshing to throw things away, don't you think? *grin* So, here is my plan, just like last time:

1. What do I want the purpose of my room to be?
It's a guest room...so it should house guests, comfortably, and just look pretty the rest of the time. :) The closet can be used for storage of things like suitcases (which we have in there now), but ought to look nice anyway.

2. What do I need in or near the room to serve that purpose?
Well, a bed...a dresser, night stands. Those things are all in there. I don't know what all is in there, but I imagine some of it will be staying; it just needs to stay in a more organized way.

3. What can I remove from the room?
I don't know yet! :o) I'll figure it out when I go through everything.

4. What problems do I see with this room?
Well, it is a little small for the bed that's in there. Since it's only a guest room, it doesn't need to have extra space like my room and my parents' room, though. It just means that if there's anything around that isn't in its place it looks messier. The corner and closet really need to be tackled.

5. What organizational tools might solve these problems?
Trash bags :o) Haha...just kidding. A lot of it doesn't actually need to be thrown away. I just need to find a place for everything. Perhaps a couple of bins for the closet; other than that...I shouldn't need much else!

6. What habits need to change to solve the organizational problems?
We need to stop putting things in the closet in a messy way; the corner needs to stay neater...I don't really know that we have any other habits, though.

7. What kind of budget do I have to create the organized room of my dreams?
I don't want to spend a lot preferably under $20.

8. What kind of timeline is necessary to organize the room?
I've got 30 days to do this one and the laundry room.

9. What is my plan of action?

  • Take everything out of the corner, closet, and dresser and sort through all of it. Throw things away, send things to good will.
  • Organize the things we decide to keep.
10. Who can I ask to help me with this?
Maybe my Mom :o) Actually, I know she'll need to help me, because the stuff in there doesn't belong to me, so I can't just go throwing things away!


Barb, sfo said...

I think I should show my daughter this post! I'm so impressed that a teen would take this on. Good for you!

Mary Jo said...

Haha, well, until fairly recently (within the last 4 or 5 months, I suppose), I wouldn't have. But, I've been in a courtship for a year and (almost) 4 months, so I'm sort of going full-speed ahead in 'house wife' preparation! :o) Plus, since I'm not in college, I have plenty of time, and I love to be a blessing to my family by keeping our house clean.

org junkie said...

Okay you are just the sweetest thing! You sound like such a mature and lovely young lady :)
I'm really looking forward to seeing your finished project(s).


A Juggling Mum said...

Wow another room!!! You have one very lucky family :)

Good luck with the challenge :)