Friday, February 23, 2007

Of Fresh Bread and New Schedules

So, today I made bread using Marmee's Best Bread recipe. It turned out really good, if I might say so myself. :o) I've been wanting to make a bread that is healthy, but still kind of soft, and not really dense, for sandwhiches. Ben doesn't usually like homemade bread for sandwhiches, because of its denseness, so I decided to try and make some that's not so dense...and this recipe is perfect! It has some wheat flour, and some All-Purpose. I had to cut the recipe in half, because I do not have a Bosch. Our Kitchen Aid Mixer started making funny sounds when I turned it on, so I turned it off, and then I smelled motor oil, so I opted out of mixing it with the mixer, and ended up doing it all by hand. It still turned out delicious. Halfing it made three small loaves for me. Two of them are in the freezer, and one is already half way gone...Mom and I like it a lot ;o)

In other news, I made a new schedule for myself. I decided I need more time for housework and also to work on my needleworking skills. Any time left over during my housework time will be devoted to that, in addition to the time I already spend working on it. I decided I'm going to start getting up at 5 every day, so my day will last a little longer ;o). I've been working up to that point, as I was getting up at 5:45 every day for a while, and the last few days I've gotten up about 5:25, but I think I'm going to go ahead and "take the plunge" so to speak. My new schedule is as follows (but is, as always, subject to change):

5-7: Get up, make bed, "freshen", do my devotions, exercise
7-8: talk to Ben
8-10:30: make breakfast, dinner prep, clean kitchen, housework, needlework (if time)
10:30-12: shower, freshen up, scripture memory, practice flute
12-1: make and eat lunch, clean kitchen, practice piano
1-5: walk dogs, study (the Bible), study for NT Greek
5-6: computer time
6-7:30: make dinner, eat, tidy house, do any breakfast prep.
7:30-9: get ready for bed, straighten up, read
9-9:45: talk to Ben
9:45: go to bed

Going to bed at 9:45 should give me plenty of sleep, assuming it doesn't take me forever and a day to fall asleep.

I've also decided I'm going to change my cleaning routine for a while, because I want things more organized around the house. Once they're how I want them, I'm going to go back to my normal cleaning routine (which is different tasks each day: appliances Monday, dusting&counter tops&other wiping Tuesday, toilets&sinks Wednesday, hard floors Thursday, carpet Friday). I'm going to spend my cleaning time in a room each day until it's clean. I worked in my room for a while today...about an hour, and only got through my desk. Actually, I have a little left to do to have that how I want it. Once I finish my room (desk, dressers, closet, floor, under the bed, plastic bins), I'm going to organize all the other rooms. I'm going to spend a set amount of time each day cleaning, and once the time is up, I'm going to quit, and if the room isn't done, I'll finish it the next day. :o)

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