Wednesday, February 07, 2007

"Are You Better off Single?"

I found a link to this article on Crystal Paine's blog, and since it's been a few days, I'm probably one of the only bloggers left in my "niche" who hasn't responded to it yet. As she said, some articles are so upsetting, you're not quite sure what to say. For those of you who don't want to take the time to read it, it is an article from MSN's Single's site that gives 10 reasons why it's best not to get married. It must be one of the most self-centered and ungodly articles I've read in quite some time. I have yet to be married (though it hopefully won't be too long!), but scripture says that a godly marriage is a picture of Christ's relationship to His church, and while I know all marriages are far from being perfect, like Christ's love for the Church, if they even resemble it, it must be something amazing. I am going to list each reason they give, and respond to it. :o) It shouldn't be hard to prove each point to be completely wrong.

1. You have a better body.
When you are married, you have someone who is committed to you for life, and admires you for so much more than simply your body. When your body is becoming less and less attractive (it happens to everyone eventually!), they will continue to love you. A godly husband treasures you for far more than your body.

2. You're more likely to achieve great things.
I disagree completely. It is only obvious (and I've heard there is data to prove it) that men are far more likely to be successful if they have a supportive wife. The saying goes, "Behind every successful man is a great woman" (or something like that). Additionally, what is greater for a woman to "achieve" than the blessings of raising godly children to serve the Lord and reach their generation with the gospel?

3. You do less housework.
There's nothing wrong with doing a little "extra" housework. Nothing can begin to compare to the joy of having constant fellowship with a person you love with all your heart, even if it means you have to do some extra cleaning. I feel sorry for someone who would trade the blessings of marriage for the sake of not doing as much housework. Plus, even if you're not married, do you really want to live in a pig pen anyway? Keeping a clean home for my family now is such a much more will it be when I'm keeping house for my husband?

4. You can do what you want with your money--including keep it.
I'm "stealing" someone else's point for this (see Crystal's post), but truly, the living cost for one person versus two under the same roof is far less than if both people lived in two separate houses. Not only that, but a stay at home wife has far more time to shop frugally, and make food from scratch, in order to save more money that way. Not to mention it's healthier! Additionally, even if you aren't married, we are commanded by God to be wise stewards. Spending our money wisely is pleasing to God. It does not, however, please Him when we go hog-wild and buy whatever just because we can.

5. You have better sex.
You shouldn't be having sex if you aren't married. God's word is clear on this matter. It even says that fornicators will not enter the kingdom of heaven. Any sex that takes place outside the bonds of marriage is Satan's cheap replacement, for something that God created to be precious, and even holy, in its proper context.

You are far more likely to contract all sorts of diseases, in addition to having emotional problems, if you are giving your body to multiple people, as opposed to if you give your entire self to one person for life, who has waited for you, also. Sleeping with anyone other than your spouse is nothing but selfish indulgence in something that is not yours to have. In marriage, you are given a picture of Christ's love for His bride, as I already mentioned. Husbands have the opportunity to lay down their lives for their wives, and wives have the opportunity to serve their husbands and families and the church serves Christ!

6. You're better rested and smarter.
You have the constant companionship of someone you adore. What way to get rested up than to fall asleep in the arms of the man who's committed his life to you! As far as being smarter...two heads are always better than one. When you have someone you can be vulnerable with, there is always a person to bounce even your craziest ideas off of, and get honest answers. When he is a godly man, he has your best interest in heart, as well as the glory of God!

7. You're less depressed.
There are loving arms to fall into when you do get sad. There is a set of shoulders to cry on, that belong to the person who loves you more than anyone else. You have a person to share all of life's trials as well as life's joys with.

8. You have better friendships.
You get to spend the rest of your life with your very closest friend, getting to know him better and better, and falling more and more in love with him, and you are also able to encourage another person in their relationship with God!

9. Your travel tales are enviable.
You have someone to follow wherever he goes, to support and be supported by. Not only that, but you have a room-mate who loves you no matter what, if you do decide to go on vacation! :o)

10. You know yourself--and what you want out of a relationship.
You get to spend the rest of life learning about your spouse, and being known by him (or her, if you're a man). There will be someone to cheer you up on your down days, who knows you in and out...and you'll be able to do the same for him.

Like I said, I've never been married, but when the day comes, as long as we keep Christ at the center, I know it will be glorious, no matter what trials we go through. We'll have Christ and eachother to lean on for life. It grieves me that our society has become so debased as to be in support of the ideas portrayed in the article...may God grant repentance to this nation before His judgment further falls on us!

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Anonymous said...

And some of these "reasons" they give are NOT EVEN TRUE!!

1. "You have a better body." What is meant by better, since the health and life span of married people is higher?

5. "You have better sex." Studies show married people have more sex overall than the "start-stop" dog-in-heat "relationships" on today's "dating scene."

6. and 7. tie in with health as in #1.

10. "You know yourself" - You're more easily DECEIVED about yourself, HA!