Thursday, January 18, 2007

Being Organized Feels Good

Today was my first day of implementing my "I Don't Have Schoolwork Anymore" Schedule. Thus far, everything has been really great. I've gotten lots of things done, and it feels so good to know my day wasn't wasted "eating the bread of idleness" (something the Prov. 31 woman did NOT do). I slept in a little bit (until 6:20), since I got home late last night from women's group. But, I got up and did my devotions...I started Exodus today :) After that I talked to Ben for a while (I love him!). Then, I exercised, and got "freshened up." After a quick breakfast, I cleaned, worked on scripture memorization. Today, I memorized Titus 1:1-2 (we're memorizing all of Titus in my small group). After that, I worked on my new cross-stitching project for a while. It's my first time cross stitching, except for part of one I did as a little girl. It's pretty fun, but more time consuming then I expected. After that, I had some lunch with my Mom. Then, I started catching up on Tabletalk devotions (I'm waaay behind for this month). After that, I worked on my inductive study of 1 John, which was thrilling as always! Today, I paraphrased 1 John 3, in my own words. The thing I like about paraphrasing it is that it forces you to try and figure out what some of the more tricky parts mean. After that, I worked on NT Greek for a while (I'm behind!!). I practiced piano and flute, and walked the dogs with my Mom. Now, I'm spending some time on the computer doing some things and talking to Ben (*grin*). Today, all I have left to do is work on marketing for Ben's shop. make dinner and then I get to read! (After that, I get to talk to Ben again!!). And then tomorrow, I'll do it all again, Lord willing.

I guess that wasn't the most interesting blog post ever...alas...

Hope everyone has a blessed day!
Mary Jo


Anonymous said...

I know that this particular blog isn't about the subject I'm about to discuss, but I didn't know if you would see comments on any others.

I can clearly see your stand on abortion. However, this is a secular nation. Some people that live here don't have the same beliefs as you, your family, and other christians around the country. If they believe that abortion isn't killing a life, who are you to say what is or isn't?

I'm a christian as well, but believe that there needs to be a separation of church and state. It's not our place to force our beliefs onto others. I'm not saying that what you're doing is wrong (preaching, ministering, etc), but I believe that abortion, to an extent (such as before a certain month or week) should be legal.

Thanks =]

Mary Jo said...


Thank you for your comment. I agree that, to an extent there should be a separation of church and state. That is, I don't believe the state should choose a denomination, nor do I think the state should (it's not even possible) force everyone to be a Christian. That said, godly laws are still important (murder being illegal, adultery, etc). While I am aware that America is growing more and more secular as time goes by, there is still such a thing as absolute truth. Murder is murder, regardless of what some folks may say or "believe". An individual can believe something...but that doesn't mean it's right. For example: I am a girl. Someone could believe that I am not (I certainly hope no one would make that mistake, though!), but that doesn't change that I am. In the same way, someone could believe that abortion is not taking a life, but that doesn't change the truth. As for your question, who am I to say what is or isn''s not rocket science to see that an unborn baby is still a person. So, I stand on the authority of the word of the Lord as well as science in saying that abortion is killing a human being.

Since the product of two human beings can be nothing other than a human being, it is not really a matter of opinion as to whether you take a life by having an abortion. Unborn babies should be protected by our government just as much as we (born folks) are. I certainly don't want it to be legal to kill 1 year old babies, or teenagers, or anyone else, for that matter! Some might not think rape is wrong...but it should still be illegal, right?

We certainly can't force our religion convictions on others. Drawing souls to Christ is the job of the Holy Spirit. But, our government will still be held accountable by God for doing its job--part of its job is to punish evil (abortion is evil) (see Romans 13).

If you want to comment back and let me know what you think, that would be great!

-Mary Jo