Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Virginia Show the Truth Tour, Day 3 (October 18, 2006)

Wednesday morning, I woke up long before my alarm was set to go off—5 AM. I laid there for a while trying to go back to sleep, but finding myself unable to, I went ahead and took a shower. I was one of three girls planning to shower in the morning, so I figured it would be good to get it out of the way. Once I got cleaned up, I peaked around the house to see if anyone else was awake, but they were not. I decided to do some reading, so I read Luke 1 using the light from my cell phone. Pressing a button every 10 seconds or so wasn’t so bad, and I had a little “snack” before starting my day. When I finished reading, I was pretty drowsy, so I decided to sleep for another half hour or so and set my alarm for 6:20, and fell asleep in my clothes. We had planned to leave the house at 7, get to Good News Free Will Baptist Church at 7:10, and leave at 7:30, but we left at 7:10, and it took 20 minutes to get to the church, so we missed free breakfast. The first stop was an abortion mill (Richmond Women’s Medical Center). Two women went in to kill, and neither turned away. But, may God bless our efforts, and draw them to repentance, if He is willing. After the mill, we headed for VCU after a quick stop at Hardee’s for lunch. VCU wasn’t as crazy this year as it was last year. The students were incredibly hard, though. I talked to a number of people. Many of them wouldn’t listen because I’m a virgin and I “couldn’t say anything” about abortion. One brief conversation that sticks out in my mind was with one of the students who came up to me. She said, “I had an abortion when I was 16. Am I going to hell?” I explained to her that unless she repented she would go to hell, but also reminded her that all sin, not just murder, makes us worthy of nothing but hell. She listened and didn’t say much. I don’t know if she was asking just to see what I would say, or if she really was concerned and convicted by the images she saw. The Lord knows. She took a Repentance Tract, and said she’d read it, and walked away. Another guy Ben and I spoke with was asking questions about the reliability of the Bible. He didn’t listen very intently and interjected a lot, but he heard the truth, at least. Aside from those and conversations others had with different individuals, there were many seemingly fruitless conversations that were mere “arguments” and the students were obviously arguing for the sake of arguing. I tried to steer away from those—that left me with no one to talk to. So, Ben and I walked a ways away to a place with no signs and just handed out Repentance Tracts and tried going through the law with some folks. No one really wanted to talk, but a lot of them took tracts. Hopefully, they will read them and be convicted and repent and follow our LORD! One thing that was really encouraging was we saw the Pastor of GNFWBC there evangelizing. It thrills my heart when Pastors evangelize; so few go out an intentionally approach the lost. He might be an Arminian, but he’s cool anyway. We stayed at VCU for quite some time, and then most of us packed up. A few others were still in conversations and stuck around. After we left VCU, we did an intersection stop not too incredibly far from campus. Most of the response from passers-by was negative--a lot of “fingers” and cursing. One guy came over with 2 notebooks he was using as makeshift signs. The first one said, “Pro-Choice! Women have rights” and the other said, “You are F---ing disgusting.” He ended up sitting down next to where Mike Marcavage was sitting. Caleb talked to him a while before he went away. We stayed there a little while and then went out for a bite to eat, and headed back to the empty house. We went to sleep around 9:40.

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