Thursday, October 12, 2006


Hey everyone...

It's been so long since I've written a real entry. I've been so busy since I got home it's crazy! The Lord is so good, and life is going rather nicely, if I might say so myself. :) I've been busying myself with schoolwork, and I should be done in about 2 months!!! I'm very excited. I've got only 4 weeks left of Anatomy and a bit longer than that of American Government, and American History will be the last class I finish. I've got tentative plans for my post-highschool life, as well. My Dad said I can take a few months off, so I will enjoy a three month reprieve from school. During that time, I hope to do a lot of reading and evangelizing. After that, I plan on starting a correspondance degree from Homestead College of Bible. It is a quite unique program, in that credit hours are earned from studying a book of the Bible.Each book is worth a certain number of hours. I plan to get a Bachelor's degree, which will take about four years. But, that shjouldn't be a problem. It's something you do at your own pace, so it won't get in the way of anything more important. It should be profitable though. Studying the Bible is NEVER a bad thing! :)

As I type this, my next trip to Virginia is drawing nearer! Haha. I'm leaving on Saturday afternoon for Virginia for a ministry tour. My plane lands at the Raleigh/Durham airport at about 4:30, and Ben is gonna pick me up (in his new car!). I can't wait to see him!!! In case you didn't know...he's the most wonderful guy in the entire world. :D <3 (hehe).

The tour starts on Monday and lasts til Friday. It's a campus tour, so most of the days, we spend a good chunk of time on a University campus passing out tracts, the men preach, and we've got aborted baby signs as well. We have a couple other stops to pass out tracts, show the signs, and preach at busy intersections each day, as well. Denny Green of Life and Liberty Ministries is leading it.

After the Virginia tour, it is possible that we will go to Philadelphia for a tour there with Repent America. That lasts from Monday the 23rd to Friday the 27th. We may just go for part of it or something. We shall see! I've never been to Philadelphia. From what I've heard from the people who have, though, it's wicked. I wouldn't go by myself!

It should be an excellent time of ministry, and a sweet time of fellowship. Our LORD is so gracious! He allows us to have a wonderful time as we serve Him. Your prayers would certainly be appreciated. So many lost people are going to hear the gospel...if God is willing, may some of them repent and follow Him!

Hope everyone is doing well. I'm gonna try to update more regularly. If I can, I'll update while I'm on the tour. If I don't ever have internet, I'll keep a journal on my computer and post it when I get back.

Ta-ta for now!
Mary Jo

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